Every YSK-brand machine knife or saw blade is engineered & manufactured in our own factory just outside York, PA.  Not only does this allow us to keep the strictest quality control standards, it also enables us to offer you high-quality industrial blades with 50-70% shorter lead times than the competition.

Keeping the concept-to-finished-product process in-house also usually leads to a substantial cost-savings vs other industrial blades.

Whatever blade fits your situation, YSK has the processes & trained staff to make it for you with precise attention to detail.

Precision Manufacturing Processes

Each of our products is a combination of time-tested manufacturing techniques, superior materials and leading edge technology to produce durable, accurate and affordable cutting tools.

Industrial Blade CNC Machining Our Blade Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • CAD & 3-D design
  • Precision Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Heat treating
  • Custom Grinding
  • Comp-U-Level™ flattening
  • Expert Saw Filing

We pride ourselves on the knowledge that York Saw & Knife machine knives, woodworking saws, and forestry saw products are the cutting tools of choice for so many industries including paper, textiles, packaging, converting, food processing and lumber. Our customers know that they can depend on YSK to keep them on the cutting edge.

Capable, Knowledgeable Sales Engineers

In-depth knowledge about tooth geometry, blade materials, and applications doesn’t stop on the factory floor. As the first point of contact for our customers, we train our sales staff to be as knowledgeable about our products, process, and possible solutions for your application as anyone of our manufacturing engineers.

Have a question about issues with your current cutting application? Contact our sales engineering team for a free machine knife consultation →