OEM, End Users and York Saw and Knife

OEM, End Users and York Saw and Knife

corn-knifeWe talk to a number of people out there, and visit with others at shows or on the road when we can. We’re unsure, however, how many of you out there are aware of York Saw and Knife’s capabilities to manufacture specialty knives for OEM’s and their end users.

York Saw and Knife can outfit your slitter, scorer, bologna slicer… whatever. Our manufacturing system for producing knives and blades is one of the most flexible in the world, and we can produce premier product prototypes in less time than industry standards.

We also feature no minimum quantity order requirements.

The Challenge: Stump Our Team With Your Cutting Quandry

OEM or end user, we challenge you to stump our customer support team and applications engineers with a blade (that you intend to produce/use). We’re confident we can manufacture any blade you can throw at us (although we’d prefer if you just mailed it or sent drawings).

Our version will be high quality, economical, tough, precision and feature less lead time. If we can’t, well, I don’t know. You’ll win the challenge and I’ll have to send something your way.