Industrial Machine Knives for OEM’s and End-Users Alike

Industrial Machine Knives for OEM’s and End-Users Alike

ysketchWe talked about this before, but thought it was important to expand on how we provide end users and OEM’s the same level of service and quality with every knife and saw we make.

After over a century in the cutting business, all we can say is: we get it.

As an OEM, you want a reliable solution that’s cost-effective, quick to turn around, and consistent.  We can work with your engineering team to design the best cutting edge for your specific application.

As an end user, you want the most economical solution to your knife needs without having to go back to your machine’s OEM. Maybe they’re overseas and hard to contact. Maybe their costs are too high or their lead times too long.  Whatever your reason, as long as we don’t already have a working relationship with your machine’s OEM, we are more than happy to assist you with your machine knife requirements.

No Matter Your Role – Count on YSK to Deliver the Best Knife Every Time:

  • Financial Savings – Time and time again we have saved manufacturers and end users money over knives sourced from overseas suppliers.
  • Time Savings – It is not uncommon for our lead times on knife fabrication to be 50 – 70% quicker than those of other suppliers.
  • No Minimum Order. Need I say more?
  • Free Test Cutting – Haven’t you met Ol’ Cutty yet? If your problem involves a cutoff knife application, we can also provide free test cutting services to help you find the optimal cutting edge.
  • American Made – Over 100 Years Quality & Knife Expertise – We’ve been manufacturing in house in Pennsylvania since 1906, and we take pride in every blade we make.
  • ….oh. And We’re Fearless – Think your processing knife is a challenge to duplicate? Go on. Send it over. If we can handle shark teeth, we can handle anything!

Food Processing to Form Fill Seal, whatever your application, we’d love to work with you to design and produce a knife with the ultimate cutting edge.

Ready for a quote or more information? Fill out a quick request, and we’ll be in touch!