Iconic Food Packaging: How Can We Know the Package from the Product?

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Iconic Food Packaging: How Can We Know the Package from the Product?

Sometimes a product comes along and strikes so deeply within us that it transcends the “good for now” and embeds itself as a tradition. Of all the iconic American “things” we’ve come to know and love, I think nothing pulls at our nostalgic heart-and-soul strings the way food does. But it’s not just the product: […]

Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

We have interesting and challenging news to share with you. YSK President Mike Pickard, in addition to guiding our company, has recently been selected by our industry leaders to serve as the President of the Machine Knife Association. This group that is one of the oldest trade associations in the country has a primary mission […]

Modern Marvels: Packaging Insight for the People

Friday night’s premier of Modern Marvels: Packaging was so interesting I watched it twice. Yes, it covered a lot about packaging I already knew, but it also presented some great facts and insight I never could have guessed – like how bell peppers were an inspiration for water bottle design. Or how bubble wrap was […]

History of the Circular Saw

Today I’d like to pay some well-earned honor to one of the most important inventions in our industry (particularly the lumber-processing part of it): the circular saw. Like many products of the industrial revolution, the history of the circular saw is a story founded on legend as much as fact – both of which are […]