The 12 Days of Industrial Knives and Blades

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The 12 Days of Industrial Knives and Blades

You may be surprised to learn that our industrial knives and blades are used to cut items you use and see every day.  Over the next 12 days,  we will unveil goods that our knives or blades have been used to manufacture that are commonly found around this time at a holiday dinner, much like the one […]

Looking Ahead: Industry Trends

Are you starting to prepare for 2014? Want to know what you should expect in the industry next year?  Below we have compiled links for  industry trends for 2014.  We will keep updating them throughout the month of December! Remember even with the new trends in each industry, we can help you!  We have provided thousands […]

Flattening/Tensioning Circular Knives and Saw Blades

After the heat treating and grinding processes, stresses can be revealed within the blade.   At YSK,  we use  proven techniques to ensure that our knives and blades are flat and run true at operation speeds.  To correct flatness, we utilize state of the art Leveling &  Tensioning machines designed and built exclusively for our industry. […]

How Do We Do That? Reverse Engineering Explained

Have a knife, but not sure of the specifications? Think your knife is a challenge to duplicate? Not a problem!  Whatever your application, machine, or material York Saw and Knife is able to work with you to reverse engineer a solution for you.  We can design and produce a knife for you with the ultimate […]

Lower Priced versus Higher Priced Blades: Benefits and Applications

York Saw and Knife manufactures blades not only for a wide array of applications, but for various price points as well.  Some customers may want a lower costing blade versus a higher quality blade at a higher price point. The following are reasons and examples for the cheaper and more expensive option of our blades. […]

Recycle More? Recycle Less!

Today is a day manufacturers and consumers alike join together to increase recycling awareness for America Recycles Day – it’s a benefit for all of us in a number of ways. All day, people have offered up easy tips to improve your recycling habits: “Bring grocery bags back to the store” “You don’t have to […]

ProPak Asia Turns 20, Breaks Records

  What better way to celebrate your 20th anniversary than with 30,000 of your closest friends? ProPak Asia seems to have gotten it right this year, breaking attendance and participation records across the board; setting the bar even higher for shows to follow. Asia’s premier processing & packaging industry trade show has come a long way […]

A Year of Manufacturing in 40 Links or Less (Part II)

Just before the holiday break I posted the first part in this round up highlighting 2011 in Manufacturing. As we continue into July and through the rest of the year, remember that more important than the links themselves are the underlying trends that are the currents holding this sea of industry news together. Trends Continue […]

A Year of Manufacturing in 40 Links or Less (Part I)

Earlier this week I looked back at a post from January to see how well my predictions for manufacturing in 2011 lined up with what really happened. In case you weren’t here for it, our “5 Rs of Manufacturing Trends” included REVAMPing old process, RETHINKing sustainability, RETURNing production to America, REFORMing policy, and RETEACHing the […]

ProPak Asia 2011 Raises the Bar for Global Trade Shows

  It’s been a week since the YSK team made a safe return from ProPak Asia, and I am happy to report our worldwide trade show debut was an absolute success. Not only did YSK President Mike Pickard and Product Manager Tom Bowser do a stellar job representing our company on the global front – […]