Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

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Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

We have interesting and challenging news to share with you. YSK President Mike Pickard, in addition to guiding our company, has recently been selected by our industry leaders to serve as the President of the Machine Knife Association. This group that is one of the oldest trade associations in the country has a primary mission […]

Plastic. Who needs it?

How about everybody? Seriously. Besides the fact that plastic is everywhere, what amazes me most is the amount of time and innovation we spend improving both the process and the material itself – adapting to ever-increasing demand for products that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. In the last month alone, my news feeds […]

Sustainable Manufacturing, P&G Style

Keeping stride with their own commitment to power plants with 30% renewable energy by 2020, P&G constructed the 100m-tall turbine in a single day at the Coevorden Pet Care plant. The turbine is expected to generate some 17% of the energy normally consumed by the plant – enough to power 1500 Dutch households. Then, in […]

FollowForever #1: 5 Must-Know Industry Pros

Dear Fellow Twitter Friends, This year, I’m shifting away from the traditional #FollowFriday memes of the past in favor of something a little more personal.  Instead of the customary laundry list of @ recommendations,  each week I’ll post a short list of top tweeters – who may or may not be related in any conventional […]

Global Manufacturing and the “Silver Tsunami”

Even as manufacturing is credited as being a driving force behind economic recovery both here and abroad, we can’t help but notice a growing rift in what is arguably the most important foundation to any developed nation. To put it bluntly, the highly skilled labor pool is also an aging labor pool. Yes,  it’s also […]

Clamshells are Great. Clamshells are Evil.

Packaging is amazing. It protects products, informs consumers, helps us build our brand, and looks awesome in the process. High-visibility packaging options  also offer offering a clear way to showcase products and sometimes even reduce materials, too. Of all the high-visibility packaging out there, the clamshell remains one of the most popular, especially in the […]

Poll: What’s the Key to the Manufacturing Comeback?

This morning I discovered a post about the fact that reshoring isn’t going as well as we’d think.  While I appreciated the solid statistics, timely citations, and overall clarity of the article; I couldn’t help but feel a little lost after that. “What do I make of this?” I thought. “If the numbers are down […]

Lean & Sustainable Choices: It’s All About Context

Earlier this week, I came across a post on The Converting Curmudgeon which resonated with me in a lot of ways. In his post, author Mark Spaulding offers a short review of the “Global Language for Packaging and Sustainability” report released by the Consumer Goods Forum. To sum up what’s already been said, this report […]

May 2010: Manufacturing Keeps its Chin Up

Back in March we talked about some hopeful news and positive statistics in US Manufacturing’s slow but optimistic turnaround.In the two months since, it seems to have only grown more positive.  For every dark cloud, we seem to find two with silver lining; the consensus being that factory output/ domestic manufacturing are, in fact, leading […]

5 Big Stories in Manufacturing News

Manufacturing is, to put it lightly, kind of a big deal to us.  Sure, we work with companies both domestic and abroad, but it’s really important to see our American neighbors weather this economic storm with success. After all, we’re an American manufacturer, too! Taking the bad news with the good,  this week we’ve seen […]