Choosing the Right Material for Your Industrial Knives

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Choosing the Right Material for Your Industrial Knives

We can use different steels to manufacture industrial knives for our customers, but choosing the right one is important for an accurate and consistent cut every time.   The materials are chosen based upon application of your blade.  Below is a recap of some of the materials that can be used along with the benefits of each. […]

Featured Spring Product: Seafood Processing Knives

York Saw and Knife offers an assortment of blades for many different industry applications, but did you know that we offer a set of blades specifically for the seafood industry?  Our reciprocating bladesets filet/portion fish accurately every time.   These blades can be used as replacements in automatic processing machines.  A special scalloped edge is ground […]

Recycle More? Recycle Less!

Today is a day manufacturers and consumers alike join together to increase recycling awareness for America Recycles Day – it’s a benefit for all of us in a number of ways. All day, people have offered up easy tips to improve your recycling habits: “Bring grocery bags back to the store” “You don’t have to […]

ProPak Asia Turns 20, Breaks Records

  What better way to celebrate your 20th anniversary than with 30,000 of your closest friends? ProPak Asia seems to have gotten it right this year, breaking attendance and participation records across the board; setting the bar even higher for shows to follow. Asia’s premier processing & packaging industry trade show has come a long way […]

What Do You Call a Band Saw Blade With No Teeth?

Imagine this: You’re manufacturing a product and find a need to refit your band saw with a new blade. You’ve been less than pleased with your current blade’s performance and think the blade’s teeth are part of the problem, so you don’t want the new blade to have any. At the same time, you still […]

Cutoff Knives for Higher Conversion Efficiency, Lower Machine Stress

The more innovations made in new films and foils, the more likely converters and form fill seal users will find their old knives just “won’t cut it” with the new substances. Poor and incomplete cuts, excessive blade wear, and rough edges on cut material are a fairly easy problem to diagnose: the current cutoff knife […]

YSK Goes Global with ProPak Asia

From its humble beginnings as a lumber industry saw maker, York Saw & Knife has spent a century building a strong reputation as one of the top sources for high-precision, high-quality industrial blades for applications as diverse as form fill seal and food processing. Today the company announces its upcoming appearance at ProPak Asia, solidifying […]

Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

We have interesting and challenging news to share with you. YSK President Mike Pickard, in addition to guiding our company, has recently been selected by our industry leaders to serve as the President of the Machine Knife Association. This group that is one of the oldest trade associations in the country has a primary mission […]

At YSK, Precision Manufacturing Reaches a New High

York Saw & Knife is proud to announce the addition of a Trumpf 2025 Laser Center to our production line. We’ll be following up with more information in the coming weeks. For now, the picture on the left serves as a “small” example of exactly how precise this machine really is – the fingernail-sized bicycle […]

May 2010: Manufacturing Keeps its Chin Up

Back in March we talked about some hopeful news and positive statistics in US Manufacturing’s slow but optimistic turnaround.In the two months since, it seems to have only grown more positive.  For every dark cloud, we seem to find two with silver lining; the consensus being that factory output/ domestic manufacturing are, in fact, leading […]