Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Even though Earth Day is celebrated internationally every year on April 22, we honor it every day here at York Saw and Knife.   Below are some things we do every day that could serve as tips for making your manufacturing facility “greener”!   1. Recycling Oil/Coolant from our machines We collect the […]

How Do We Do That? Reverse Engineering Explained

Have a knife, but not sure of the specifications? Think your knife is a challenge to duplicate? Not a problem!  Whatever your application, machine, or material York Saw and Knife is able to work with you to reverse engineer a solution for you.  We can design and produce a knife for you with the ultimate […]

Lower Priced versus Higher Priced Blades: Benefits and Applications

York Saw and Knife manufactures blades not only for a wide array of applications, but for various price points as well.  Some customers may want a lower costing blade versus a higher quality blade at a higher price point. The following are reasons and examples for the cheaper and more expensive option of our blades. […]

Choosing the Right Material for Your Industrial Knives

We can use different steels to manufacture industrial knives for our customers, but choosing the right one is important for an accurate and consistent cut every time.   The materials are chosen based upon application of your blade.  Below is a recap of some of the materials that can be used along with the benefits of each. […]

5 Favorite Things from the First Annual Manufacturing Day

A really neat thing happened this past Friday. Thousands of Americans came together and celebrated the first national Manufacturing Day, dedicated to helping educate  the general public about the value of manufacturing and improve the perception of industry careers. Tours, job fairs, and industry-themed events were held at nearly 250 facilities across the country for tens of […]

A Year of Manufacturing in 40 Links or Less (Part II)

Just before the holiday break I posted the first part in this round up highlighting 2011 in Manufacturing. As we continue into July and through the rest of the year, remember that more important than the links themselves are the underlying trends that are the currents holding this sea of industry news together. Trends Continue […]

A Year of Manufacturing in 40 Links or Less (Part I)

Earlier this week I looked back at a post from January to see how well my predictions for manufacturing in 2011 lined up with what really happened. In case you weren’t here for it, our “5 Rs of Manufacturing Trends” included REVAMPing old process, RETHINKing sustainability, RETURNing production to America, REFORMing policy, and RETEACHing the […]

Saw Blade & Machine Knife Safety Warnings: Funny Serious.

Some product warning labels are borderline ridiculous: “Do not place (toaster oven) inside working conventional oven” “Do not use (microwave) for drying pets” …or my latest favorite: “Remove infant before folding (stroller) for storage.” Then again, it seems some other warning labels can’t be serious enough. Like the ones on industrial cutting equipment. Safety warning […]

What Do You Call a Band Saw Blade With No Teeth?

Imagine this: You’re manufacturing a product and find a need to refit your band saw with a new blade. You’ve been less than pleased with your current blade’s performance and think the blade’s teeth are part of the problem, so you don’t want the new blade to have any. At the same time, you still […]

5 Super Cool, Super Techy Things in Manufacturing

There seems to be a growing trend of industry pros stressing about missteps in the media’s representation of manufacturing. It seems that somehow we’ve lost sight as a developed society that “technology” and “manufacturing” don’t go hand in hand – that somehow “technology” exists as consumer gadgets in our pockets assembled by who knows in […]