Saw Blade & Machine Knife Safety Warnings: Funny Serious.

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Saw Blade & Machine Knife Safety Warnings: Funny Serious.

Some product warning labels are borderline ridiculous: “Do not place (toaster oven) inside working conventional oven” “Do not use (microwave) for drying pets” …or my latest favorite: “Remove infant before folding (stroller) for storage.” Then again, it seems some other warning labels can’t be serious enough. Like the ones on industrial cutting equipment. Safety warning […]

What Do You Call a Band Saw Blade With No Teeth?

Imagine this: You’re manufacturing a product and find a need to refit your band saw with a new blade. You’ve been less than pleased with your current blade’s performance and think the blade’s teeth are part of the problem, so you don’t want the new blade to have any. At the same time, you still […]


It’s an exciting day here at York Saw & Knife. For one, PACK EXPO 2011 opens today, and all signs point to a record-breaking year for the world’s premier packaging industry trade show. We’ll be showing off our best machine knife examples and providing some on-the-spot consultation in Booth S4922 – be sure to stop […]

Luxite Saw Has Arrived

Last week I posted a semi-ambiguous tweet hinting at our launch of a new product line, and today I’m back with a big grin on my face to let you know it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag. After 106 years in the industrial blade business, York Saw & Knife is […]

ProPak Asia 2011 Raises the Bar for Global Trade Shows

  It’s been a week since the YSK team made a safe return from ProPak Asia, and I am happy to report our worldwide trade show debut was an absolute success. Not only did YSK President Mike Pickard and Product Manager Tom Bowser do a stellar job representing our company on the global front – […]

Cutoff Knives for Higher Conversion Efficiency, Lower Machine Stress

The more innovations made in new films and foils, the more likely converters and form fill seal users will find their old knives just “won’t cut it” with the new substances. Poor and incomplete cuts, excessive blade wear, and rough edges on cut material are a fairly easy problem to diagnose: the current cutoff knife […]

YSK Goes Global with ProPak Asia

From its humble beginnings as a lumber industry saw maker, York Saw & Knife has spent a century building a strong reputation as one of the top sources for high-precision, high-quality industrial blades for applications as diverse as form fill seal and food processing. Today the company announces its upcoming appearance at ProPak Asia, solidifying […]

Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

We have interesting and challenging news to share with you. YSK President Mike Pickard, in addition to guiding our company, has recently been selected by our industry leaders to serve as the President of the Machine Knife Association. This group that is one of the oldest trade associations in the country has a primary mission […]

Plastic. Who needs it?

How about everybody? Seriously. Besides the fact that plastic is everywhere, what amazes me most is the amount of time and innovation we spend improving both the process and the material itself – adapting to ever-increasing demand for products that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly. In the last month alone, my news feeds […]

Modern Marvels: Packaging Insight for the People

Friday night’s premier of Modern Marvels: Packaging was so interesting I watched it twice. Yes, it covered a lot about packaging I already knew, but it also presented some great facts and insight I never could have guessed – like how bell peppers were an inspiration for water bottle design. Or how bubble wrap was […]