Global Manufacturing: Full Steam Ahead for 2011

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Global Manufacturing: Full Steam Ahead for 2011

  If you have to start somewhere, why not start a new year in manufacturing with a record 17 months of consecutive growth? Honestly. Not two weeks into the new year, and the good-hopeful-promising manufacturing news hasn’t slowed down, yet.  Of course, there’s a measure of not-so-great thrown in along the way, but that’s not […]

Top 5 Questions by Pack Expo Visitors

After what may go down as the shortest week in recorded history,  we are happy to be home safe and recovering from another exciting Pack Expo.  Yours truly had an opportunity to join the team for all of Tuesday, and in the same breath I’m happy to report it was as exciting as it was […]

PACK EXPO 2010: And So it Begins…

PACK EXPO is finally here – for those of us getting ready to exhibit, anyway! With another day left until the doors open to the public, this year’s PACK is shaping up to be as big a success as any. We’ve given away 150 free attendee passes alone, and the buzz all around seems louder […]

At YSK, Precision Manufacturing Reaches a New High

York Saw & Knife is proud to announce the addition of a Trumpf 2025 Laser Center to our production line. We’ll be following up with more information in the coming weeks. For now, the picture on the left serves as a “small” example of exactly how precise this machine really is – the fingernail-sized bicycle […]

Global Manufacturing and the “Silver Tsunami”

Even as manufacturing is credited as being a driving force behind economic recovery both here and abroad, we can’t help but notice a growing rift in what is arguably the most important foundation to any developed nation. To put it bluntly, the highly skilled labor pool is also an aging labor pool. Yes,  it’s also […]

3 Machine Knives That Don’t Look Like Knives at All

It took me a while to get the hang of all the different types of knives we make here at YSK.  There are three I was particularly surprised by: not only did they not *look* like what I would, at that point, consider a knife.  In some cases, they didn’t even seem to *do* what […]

Poll: What’s the Key to the Manufacturing Comeback?

This morning I discovered a post about the fact that reshoring isn’t going as well as we’d think.  While I appreciated the solid statistics, timely citations, and overall clarity of the article; I couldn’t help but feel a little lost after that. “What do I make of this?” I thought. “If the numbers are down […]

5 Things We Can’t Live Without: Machine Knives in Action

Machine knives are some of the unsung heroes of the manufacturing process. They are silent, dedicated workers that help cut and shape our products from raw material to packaged product. Without them, all the engineering skill, all the experienced labor, and all the automation in the world would yield a whole mangled heap of unfinished […]

Lean & Sustainable Choices: It’s All About Context

Earlier this week, I came across a post on The Converting Curmudgeon which resonated with me in a lot of ways. In his post, author Mark Spaulding offers a short review of the “Global Language for Packaging and Sustainability” report released by the Consumer Goods Forum. To sum up what’s already been said, this report […]

Are Packaging Materials Innovations Hurting your Machine Performance?

It goes without saying that innovations in packaging materials and the evolution of packaging as we know it are great things. We’re evolving with the expectations of a new breed of consumer.  We’re reducing waste, saving cost and resources as we invent, test, and improve new materials; making us leaner, meaner, and greener than before. […]