Pack Expo 2010: Closer Than You Think!

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Pack Expo 2010: Closer Than You Think!

Would you believe we’re almost halfway to 2011 already? Honestly, it seems like just last week I was telling you about the overall success of  PACK EXPO 2009 in Vegas  – and now here I am announcing our 2010 PACK EXPO appearance. For the uninitiated, PACK EXPO is an annual trade show devoted to the […]

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

“Deciding whether or not to implement a PM program for your slitter or splicer is really simple: Do you want quality or not?” … There is a great article over on Package Printing on the importance of keeping your slitters & splicers optimized and safe. Actually, slitters and splicers are the subject of example – […]

Industry Voices Silenced: Converting Magazine Closes its Doors

We’re pretty big on converting, so naturally we were pretty upset to hear that Converting Magazine has ceased publication effective immediately. Industry Publisher RBI has been planning this move for almost 9 months, but last Friday  it became official. Converting Magazine, along with 22 other publications spanning industries from graphics to home improvement, has closed […]

3 Types of Conversion Made Possible by Machine Knives

It’s a fact: somewhere between the source and the shelf, materials need to be cut and converted to enter their next stage of “life.” In the most general sense, this happens one of three ways: slitting, perforating, and cutoff.  Three simple actions that are repeated various times in the process of raw material to end […]

YSK President and Family Reach out to Help Rebuild New Orleans

Almost five years after Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, communities remain in need of help rebuilding, restoring, and replacing their homes and neighborhoods. Over the past four years, Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Catholic Charities of New Orleans, and the Order of Malta have come together to help their fellow Americans. Over 800 volunteers in […]

What are Your Thoughts on the Future of Flexible Packaging?

The following is a reprinted article from our March 2010 E-Newsletter. To get your free copy, click here. Back in January we wrote about the main packaging trends to watch for 2010.  Included in that list was a prediction for the growth of flexible packaging across various industries. Here at YSK we’ve seen a steady […]

Industrial Machine Knives for OEM’s and End-Users Alike

We talked about this before, but thought it was important to expand on how we provide end users and OEM’s the same level of service and quality with every knife and saw we make. After over a century in the cutting business, all we can say is: we get it. As an OEM, you want […]

Monthly Round-Up: 6 Can’t Miss Packaging Industry Resources

It’s no secret we’re kinda wild about packaging around here.  I mean, without it, a lot of our knives and saws would be homeless: left to sit around the warehouse, lonely collecting dust with nothing to cut.  So it’s quite natural that we chose to dedicate our first monthly round-up to the industry that surrounds […]