The Monthly Round-Up is Coming: We Need Your Help!

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The Monthly Round-Up is Coming: We Need Your Help!

We’re pleased to announce the last Friday of every month into eternity or apocalypse (whichever comes first!), we’ll be featuring a round-up of our favorite links/ tips/ resources/ etc… about our business and the industries we serve.  We’re kicking things off next week with what’s looking to be a stellar review of Packaging Industry resources, […]

5 Common Threads in Packaging Trend Predictions

Over the past month, we’ve seen various organizations publish their views and predictions for packaging and the packaging industry coming up in 2010. While everyone seems to have their own take on the subject, we discovered a number of common threads running throughout the various articles, posts, and press releases we’ve reviewed.  The following are […]

Here’s to a Warm, Wonderful Holiday!

All us here at York Saw & Knife Company want to wish you a wonderful Holiday and a prosperous New Year. 2009 was a big year full of surprises and big successes.  While it’s sad to see the time pass so quickly,  it’s exciting to consider all the new experiences and opportunities 2010 will bring. […]

B2B And Social Media: Take the Poll!

Face it: B2B sales isn’t what it was 10 years ago. The growth of the internet and  surge of Social Media outlets have caused a major swing in the way we do business today.  Prospects and clients alike can easily research and choose the  solutions for their needs: often before the traditional card-toting, cold-calling salesman […]

Process Expo + IFT Food Expo: A Hopeful New Venture

There’s been a lot of talk about the Pack/ Process event split and how the food industry in general needs its own killer event. You may not be aware, but starting in 2010, Process Expo will no longer be teamed up with behemoth Pack Expo as it has for the past years.  In what looks […]

Pack Expo 2009 – Another Smashing Success

Today we’re going to make an exception to the old rule about “what happens in Vegas” and tell you about what a great overall success this year’s Pack Expo turned out to be.  It seems that most of the post-Pack buzz focuses on strong speakers,  a high volume of new connections made, and an overall […]

Specialty Knives and Saws: Proudly Made in America

Did you know York Saw & Knife is one of the oldest active saw and knife manufacturers in the United States? In 1906, York, PA man Louis Klunk set out to become a premier manufacturer of steel, set-tooth saw blades.  He built a business from the ground up, employing and honing the skill of a […]

Follow York Saw & Knife on Twitter!

Got something to say in 140 characters or less?  We do! York Saw & Knife is happy to announce its most recent online social endeavor: a Twitter account! If you’re already there, follow @yorksaw for great links and commentary.  We’re relatively new to the community and welcome new fans and followers any time! If you […]

Oleson Saw to Exhibit at Saw Filers Education Conference

You’re probably already aware that York Saw & Knife has been a proud manufacturer of saw and knife solutions for numerous industries.  Hopefully you’re also aware of the quality and top-notch service that comes with our products, too.  But, did you know one division of our company is dedicated to serving the needs of the […]

Free Tickets to Pack Expo 2009

Does your company have converting, packaging or printing needs? Want to discover your best options at one exceptional event? Save $60 Each With Free Passes to Pack Expo 09! The 2009 Pack Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in  Las Vegas, NV from October 5 -7.  Devoted to the packaging industry, […]