Industrial Machine Knives for OEM’s and End-Users Alike

Industrial Machine Knives for OEM’s and End-Users Alike

We talked about this before, but thought it was important to expand on how we provide end users and OEM’s the same level of service and quality with every knife and saw we make. After over a century in the cutting business, all we can say is: we get it. As an OEM, you want […]

Going Green takes a Backseat to Making Green

…but we’re still doing our best to be responsible! A recent article at Converting Digest uncovers that many businesses are not planning to boost their eco efforts in the near future. While 2/3 of some 1,400 CFO’s surveyed anticipate their efforts to remain the same, another 25% look forward to increased attention on the issue.  […]

Cutting Costs

All across food processing, materials conversion and packaging, folks are trying to cut costs to meet these challenging economic times.  John Henry, Certified Packaging Professional (CPP), suggests looking for ways to increase production line changeover efficiency. Henry notes, “How much can you save via reduced changeover times? …The lowest number I’ve seen, from a pharmaceutical […]