B2B And Social Media: Take the Poll!

B2B And Social Media: Take the Poll!

Face it: B2B sales isn’t what it was 10 years ago. The growth of the internet and  surge of Social Media outlets have caused a major swing in the way we do business today.  Prospects and clients alike can easily research and choose the  solutions for their needs: often before the traditional card-toting, cold-calling salesman […]

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Got something to say in 140 characters or less?  We do! York Saw & Knife is happy to announce its most recent online social endeavor: a Twitter account! If you’re already there, follow @yorksaw for great links and commentary.  We’re relatively new to the community and welcome new fans and followers any time! If you […]


Earlier this week, we attended a webinar (billed as “From google to twitter”) on the various means of distributing news and information in the ever-expanding social media environment. The speakers discussed the social media press release and the usual suspects of twitter, facebook and LinkedIn, etc. For a free webinar, it was very interesting and […]