Packaging: No Trade-Offs

Packaging: No Trade-Offs

In the latest Food & Beverage Packaging (they’re welcome for the free pub), there’s an interesting roundtable featuring some of the heavyweights of food and beverage packaging (including one – Steve Gaeta of Unilever – who shares the same last name as this mutineer on Battlestar Galactica). Anyway, the discussion centers on the industry outlook […]

Staying Informed, Being Green

York Saw & Knife is pleased to participate in Hess’ “A Greener Way to Stay Informed” promotion. YSK employees submitted email addresses to Hess in exchange for Hess planting 5 trees per email address received. YSK will also receive communications related to energy as part of the program. The participation is part of YSK’s commitment […]

Test Cut Live Video

We wanted to share the video of YSK’s free, in-house test cutting machine (ol’ Cutty) in action… This instance is from our involvement on the University of Illinois student’s senior design project. We utilized knife (E) from the picture in the previous post. It made a clean cut with the lowest cut forces. As you […]