Paper Tube Saws

Paper Tube Saws

Like all York Saw & Knife industrial blades, our paper tube saws can be built-to-spec for OEMs seeking a reliable, cost-effective stock solution as well as end users looking for a custom cutting edge for their paper tube converting applications.

paper tube saw blade

York Saw & Knife paper tube saws are manufactured with the same precision and care as all our industrial blade products.

In addition to custom paper tube saw blades, York Saw & Knife also offers same-day shipping on in-stock replacement paper tube saw blades. Our in-stock offering includes the most common sizes & blade profiles.

YSK Paper Tube Saws Last Longer, Cut Cleaner

Our paper tube saw blades are known for their quality, durability, and superior edge-retention properties. Every blade we produce features:

  1. Chrome Vanadium Steel composition which outlasts spring steel used by many other manufacturers
  2. Rockwell hardness of 49-52, indicating exceptional strength
  3. Individual heat treatment
  4. Precision Comp-U-Level™ flattening

York Saw & Knife also offers custom tooth grinding on any of our paper tube saw products.

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