Iseli EBW-V Dual Side Grinding Machine

The Iseli EBW-V Dual Side Grinding Machine is a Side grinding machine of log band saw blades, circular saw blades and gang saw blades.
Iseli EBW-V Specifications 
Voltage supply:400 V 3 Ph.N
Two grinding motors:(Driving motor and Cooling pump)400 V, 0,75 kW
400 V, 0,75 kWAll common shapes
Tooth pitch range:15 to 100 mm (4”)
Front face rake angle range:0o to 35o
Feed speed:12 teeth/ minute or 24 teeth/ minute
Option: Frequency converter for feed speed (number of teeth each minute). Variable feed speed.
Grinding-wheel:Cup Form
Grinding spindle speed:6000 RPM
Dimension:220 x130 x 190 cm

Iseli EBW-V Features

  • Cooling water equipment
  • Spindle height adjustment
  • Two feeding speeds feed
  • Pneumatic blade clamping or mechanic blade clamping (on choice).
  • Fully closed water protection hood


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