Specialty Knives and Saws: Proudly Made in America

Specialty Knives and Saws: Proudly Made in America

Did you know York Saw & Knife is one of the oldest active saw and knife manufacturers in the United States?

In 1906, York, PA man Louis Klunk set out to become a premier manufacturer of steel, set-tooth saw blades.  He built a business from the ground up, employing and honing the skill of a dedicated, local workforce to see it all through.  The then-titled York Saw Works soon became renowned  for its quality, reliability, and superior service to numerous industries in need of quality saw blades.

York Saw Works in the 1950’s

The company continued to flourish in the following decades, and in 1969 the old York Saw Works was sold to James O. Pickard, Sr.  At that time it was renamed the York Saw and Machine Company, Inc.  In 1991, the company purchased the Luxite brand of professional, carbide-tipped sawblades. Then in 1994, E.G. Oleson’s & Sons was purchased. The newly-renamed  Oleson Saw Technology joined the family in serving the needs of the logging industry and is the exclusive distributor of Iseli equipment used in the maintenance of saw blades in lumber mills.

40 years later, York Saw is run by a second generation of Pickards as the York Saw & Knife Company.  Now located in a modern 65,000 square foot facility just outside York proper in Emigsville, the company employs over 70 skilled workers and support staff.  Support and capabilities are stronger than ever, with the company offering its products from the largest industries to the smallest niche markets.

York Saw & Knife today

The custom blade  manufacturer continues to expand in both product line AND company size, offering much more specialized and custom knives for applications never-before supported in the company’s history.  Products today include carbide-tipped saws,  wide band saw blades, and numerous other blades that cut off, perforate, and slit food, paper, foil, film, plastics, and corrugated products.

While the question remains whether Mr. Klunk would even recognize his creation 103 years in the future, one would hope he could be proud of a versatile company which continues to grow with such diversity.  Strong core values of American-made quality and service remain the cornerstone of all York Saw’s endeavors.