The 12 Days of Industrial Knives and Blades

The 12 Days of Industrial Knives and Blades

You may be surprised to learn that our industrial knives and blades are used to cut items you use and see every day.  Over the next 12 days,  we will unveil goods that our knives or blades have been used to manufacture that are commonly found around this time at a holiday dinner, much like the one pictured below.   We hope that you follow along and enjoy the 12 days of  York’s saws and knives.

Family having Christmas dinner
Family having Christmas dinner by Christmas tree

12. O’ Christmas tree! O’Christmas tree! Our final item in the 12 days of industrial blades and knives is the heart of the Christmas holiday.  YSK manufactures cutoff knives that are used by tree farms to shape trees.  That’s right; that perfect shaped tree was brought to you via our knives!

11. When taking your ornaments out of their packages and placing them on the tree, think about the manufacturing behind them!  The protective packaging the ornament came in was manufactured using one of our cutoff knives.

10. Day ten is the center of Christmas dinner, the ham or turkey.  The processing of the meat before you buy it in its package at the grocery store is done with our straight knives.  The packaging could also be manufactured by our knives as well.

9. To continue the focus of the food at Christmas dinner, our day 9 item is corn.  We produce a knife for corn processing from our food processing blade line. 

8. When you get asked to pass the rolls at Christmas dinner,  you can start a conversation about how they are processed from ingredients to your table.  YSK slicer blades are used in the manufacturing of bread and rolls, making this essential food item our day 8 feature.

7. Day seven spotlights one of the most famous winter scenes that is often used around the holidays, a wreath being placed on a big wooden door.  That wooden door is made from lumber that was cut by band saws from our Oleson Saw line.

6. When you sit down to enjoy Christmas dinner with your family and friends, think about how those handcrafted chairs and table were made.  Our secondary woodworking blades are used for fine craftsmen woodworking, making these high-end handmade tables and chairs are sixth-day item.

5. Five logs a’burning! That’s right, day five brings you the fake logs used in your fireplace to set the holiday mood and provide warmth! Our bandsaw blades are used to cut and manufacture these artificial logs.

4. While you are gathered around the tree opening presents, think about the manufacturing behind the comfortable carpet you are sitting on.  Carpet, especially if padded, is what we bring you on the fourth day.  Our circular knives are used in the process of making the carpet’s components.

3. What would the holidays be without toys? The sometimes annoying, but secure packaging that the toy comes in is our third day feature.  That packaging which makes certain the toy gets to the child in one piece, was probably cut by one of our tray knives.

2. On the second day, York Saw and Knife brings you the insulation that keeps your home warm and comfortable during your holiday celebrations!  Our gypsum board cut-off knives are used in the processing of  manufacturing the insulation that goes into the walls of your home.

1. The first item of York Saw and Knife’s 12 days is the wrapping paper! This product, a traditional holiday staple, creates an excitement for what may be hidden inside.   Our slitter and cut-off knives are used in the manufacturing of wrapping paper.