5 Big Stories in Manufacturing News

5 Big Stories in Manufacturing News

Manufacturing is, to put it lightly, kind of a big deal to us.  Sure, we work with companies both domestic and abroad, but it’s really important to see our American neighbors weather this economic storm with success. After all, we’re an American manufacturer, too!

Taking the bad news with the good,  this week we’ve seen hope in many sectors, while overall skepticism remains over a full recovery of the US manufacturing market.

But don’t take our word for it.  Check out some of the top stories we’ve found this week, and decide for yourself:

  1. Alternative Energy Creates Jobs in Manufacturing

    According to the World Resources Institute, American & Foreign Wind Companies will continue to create new manufacturing job opportunities throughout the US as long as domestic policy continues to support and provide incentive for growth of the wind power industry.  While 100% US-Made wind power products will take time, a continued push in this direction will help make that final goal become reality.

  2. Georgia Manufacturing Gets a Boost with the Rest of America

    Kennesaw State University reports not only has Georgia seen a bump in manufacturing jobs, but the entire nation has been in manufacturing “growth mode” for 7 months straight. Data is presented for both the state of Georgia and the country as a whole – while KSU mentions “too early to tell if this upward trend is sustainable,” overall things are looking up.
    Note: this story from March 1, but we felt it was an important perspective to include

  3. Manufacturing Shows the Biggest Hope in an Uncertain Economy

    The Houston Chronicle also reflects on the American manufacturing bounce back citing it as the “brightest spot so far in the nation’s spotty economic recovery.”  The article remains positive overall, but, like other reports, notes the importance of government incentive in continuing to boost the manufacturing turnaround.

  4. Political Support and Tax Incentive Programs Grow

    IMPO also reports political support for the growth of US Manufacturing in the form of both spoken encouragement and the signing of a $38 billion bill aimed at giving “U.S. companies added incentive to expand hiring.”  This article does touch on how certain US based companies will continue to expand overseas, but also sheds hope on increased investment in domestic production. It also notes the importance of manufacturing and engineering education as crucial to the industry’s survival.

  5. The US Still “Makes Stuff” … It’s Just Different Stuff

    MSNBC provides a timely weigh-in on the manufacturing topic with an article detailing how “we do still make things in America” – It notes that while we “continue to churn out hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods annually,” the shift in our domestic manufacturing model has led to the loss of millions of industry jobs across the board.  It goes on to discuss manufacturing growth of late, but like so many other opinions, remains skeptical of a full industry recovery.

Story #6 – The Bad News About Toyota – We don’t want to end on a bad note, but it’s important to mention that amid the hope and promising statistics on manufacturing as a whole, Toyota has decided to close its Fremont, CA Factory. Emotions are high over this, especially considering Toyota’s recent recalls. The close of the automaker’s last unionized factory is a considerable blow to California’s already troubled economy.

So there you have it. A little window into US manufacturing this week.  Some signs point to good news while others question “How long will it last” …