Best DIY Father’s Day Gifts

carpenters toolbox


When you think the world of your old man, you want to find a way to show him just how much he means to you. If you’re into woodworking, it might even have been your dad who taught you the craft. That’s a gift that keeps on giving! So why not pay him back by making something for Father’s Day that comes from the heart.

Forget the necktie, put down that coffee mug and don’t even think about buying that “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt. The following are some wonderful woodworking gifts for Dad you can do yourself:

  • Workbench – What better way to celebrate your shared passion for woodworking than by giving your dad something unique to use in his workshop. A wooden workbench is also a great DIY gift for dads who have recently retired or are looking to start a new hobby or learn a craft. Every time he uses his wooden bench, he’ll be reminded of you and your thoughtful gift.
  • Picture Frame – Another woodworking gift for Father’s Day that’s a sure-fire winner is a picture frame for a family portrait. Think ahead by scheduling a photo shoot or commission an artist to create a picture you know your dad will be proud to hang on his wall. The great thing about this project is it can be as simple or complex as your skill level as a woodworker allows.
  • Workshop coat rack – A customized coat rack is another DIY gift that makes a lot of sense for woodworking dads. Choose a beautiful piece of wood, cut it to specs and adorn it with workshop tools such as hammers, screwdrivers or wood clamps to use as the hangers.
  • Custom wall sign – Artisan-style wall signs are really popular gifts because they’re relatively easy to make and provide the opportunity to send a special or inspiring message. A favorite place to hang them is in the kitchen or family room, but it’s also fun to make custom signs for the area around the backyard pool, the man cave or the workshop.
  • Cornhole Board Set – Over the past few years, the bean-bag-throwing game known as cornhole has swept the nation. Making a cornhole game for your father allows you to show off your woodworking skills while giving him something you can do together and with the rest of the family. Personalize your corn hole set with a family shield, favorite team mascot or something else that speaks to what your dad is all about.

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