Coolest DIY Cooler Projects

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When entertaining friends, family and neighbors in your backyard oasis, there’s nothing worse than having to run in and out of the house to fetch cold beverages. Sure, a big old plastic cooler is a quick, if not inspired, fix. However, why not put your best foot forward and show off your woodworking abilities by taking on a DIY cooler project that answers your need for outdoor cold storage and adds a unique aspect to the ambiance of your yard?


If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, consider our short list of the coolest DIY coolers we’ve seen online.

Built-in Picnic Table: We like this one because you not only eliminate the need to go to the refrigerator, but you also don’t even need to stand up. Simply clear a section of the table by taking out the center slat and popping in a trough capable of holding bottles, cans and plenty of ice. A rain gutter or even a study window planter will work well as the cooler, and all you need to do is reach for your next drink.

Pallet Cooler: A fun and affordable project for woodworkers is building a wooden cooler bench out of pallet wood. There are many pallet cooler plans out there, and building from scratch gives you to the opportunity to add personalized details as well as test your skills as a craftsperson.

Cooler Rowboat: Perfect for a beach house, sailor or home with a nautical theme, the cooler boat project is essentially building a miniature dingy and lining it for holding ice, drinks and whatever else you want to keep on the rocks. Christen the boat with a meaningful name and paint it and your location on the stern for a personalized touch.

Vintage Wine Barrel: The wine barrel DIY cooler is an easily accomplishable project that’s right on point. All you need for this one is to build a stand to prop up the barrel on its side and cut out a hinge style door that opens up to the cooler inside. If wine isn’t your thing, a whiskey barrel is another easy one that makes for an entertaining conversation piece.

Treasure Chest Cooler: Embrace your inner pirate and build yourself a large treasure chest to hold your booty of snacks and beverages. Another pallet cooler project that can be accomplished using primarily reclaimed wood (you can also re-purpose an old clothing trunk), the treasure chest is an option the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Choose from our list of the coolest DIY coolers, or let your creativity run wild and create something completed unexpected and unique. As you see, projects run from simple for a beginner to complex enough to blow the minds of all your guests.

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