DIY Yard Game Sets

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One of the great pleasures of being a woodworker or craftsman is the ability to make things your friends and family cherish and enjoy. While there’s something to be said for working on a beautiful dining room table, backyard deck and many other impressive home improvement projects, making something simple like DIY yard game sets can be very enjoyable and rewarding. There are all different types of games you can make using a few of your favorite woodworking tools and inexpensive building materials. Best of all, most of these projects are incredibly straightforward and can be accomplished in just a few hours.

Whether you’re attending a tailgate, heading to a picnic or barbequing in the neighborhood, consider making your next woodworking project one of the following DIY yard game sets.


Yahtzee is one of the best board games to take with you to a friend’s house or on a camping trip. Now you can take Yahtzee to the next level with a backyard version you can play out on the lawn. In addition to your circular saw, supplies required to build this DIY yard Yahtzee set include a wood-burning tool, circular burning attachment and five equal size wooden blocks. You’ll also need quality wood glue, two wooden clothespins, small wood clamps and a bucket large enough to carry the blocks.

To tackle this Yahtzee project, start by cutting and trimming the pieces of the over-sized dice to your desired specifications. The blocks should be of equal size and shape. Glue them together with the wood glue and use the wood burning tool and attachment to create the spots on the dice. Finish with a wood stain of choice and sealant to protect the dice and get the look you want. Now it’s time to play some Yahtzee!

Check out the awesome video below to create your set of Yard Dice for Yard Yahtzee!


Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a good Jenga game — when the pieces are stacked super high, and the tower might fall at any moment? Take that feeling and multiply it by 100 when you roll up to the party with a backyard Jenga set of over-sized, handcrafted game pieces. Supplies needed to make a DIY Giant Jenga set include 54 feet of 2 x 4s, a circular saw and power sander. You’ll also require a measuring tape, a pencil, wood stain, a damp cloth and finishing paste.

Cutting the planks for the game pieces is the most critical step to this simple project. Once you cut your 2 x 4s, sand them smooth and clean them with the cloth. Now all you need to do is stain the wood to the way you want the pieces to look and finish it with Minwax. Add custom instructions on random pieces, such as having to move the next piece with your off hand or choose another piece consecutively for a twist to make the game even more exciting.

Watch the quick tutorial below to make your own Giant Jenga set!


In the last few years, cornhole has become something of a national pastime. The game is easy to learn, and almost anyone can participate, no matter their age. You can also play it virtually anywhere. Supplies you need to create DIY cornhole boards include a circular saw, jigsaw, two 24 x 48-inch, ½-inch thick plywood boards, four 21-inch 2 x 4 boards and four 12-inch 2 x 4 boards. You will also need a power drill, utility knife, plastic putty knife, wood screws, bolts with washers and nuts, finishing screws, wood filler, glue, a level and primer.

The most significant to building a cornhole game is creating the two rectangular playing boards with the hole positioned in the middle. Next, you’ll need to attach the front and back legs, so the boards sit at the appropriate angle. After that, it’s up to you as to how you want to decorate the game — you can go with colors of your favorite sports team, or your choice of image or design.

Check out the quick tutorial below to make your own cornhole boards!


This simple game set is perfect for any outdoor occasion!  What you’ll need is a half piece of finished plywood, 2 1″x3″ boards, 3 1″x4″ boards, washers, screws, and wood glue.  Washer boards, also known as ‘redneck horseshoes’, are the perfect outdoor game for any family function, and super easy to make!

Watch the tutorial below to get started on your own set of washer boards!

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