Father and Son Woodworking Projects

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In a day and age where boys are increasingly involved in organized activities such as clubs and team sports and immersed in the internet and video games, it can be difficult for busy parents to make a personal connection with their kids. If you’re looking for an activity to do with your child that’s fun, educational and valuable, father and son woodworking projects are an exceptional way to go. Learning how to use your hands and brains to build something gives kids a sense of confidence and accomplishment while teaching them an entire set of skills they can utilize in many different ways throughout their lives.

One thing that’s great about woodworking for kids is you’re able to start at a very young. While each child develops differently, there are many projects for fathers and sons that are appropriate from the ages of five or six and up. Getting accustomed to using the tools and performing basic tasks such as drilling and sawing at an early age helps develop a lifelong hobby that feels like second nature.


Choosing the best father and son woodworking projects is pretty simple. First, you’ll want to consider your child’s age, attention span and motor skills as well as your experience level. Don’t worry if you’re not a carpenter or master craftsperson. There are nearly endless projects to choose from that can be accomplished by beginners, and it will be even more of a bonding experience as you learn together.

Perhaps the smartest way to go about choosing father and son woodworking projects is by focusing on what your kids are interested in or would find meaningful. Favorite projects include building your first “big boy” bed or work desk, toys or a box to put them in and a park bench or treehouse for the backyard. Even something as simple as a puzzle game or pirate sword can be an enjoyable introduction that helps your son get to know the tools, the vocabulary and the skills of woodworking. View a full list of woodworking projects for kids here.

Sharing the Joys of Woodworking

When you do father and son woodworking projects, it’s important to remember it’s about the process more than the results. While you are likely to create something together that will be enjoyed and potentially become a family heirloom, the real value is in the lessons learned and the quality time spent together.

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