FollowForever #1: 5 Must-Know Industry Pros

FollowForever #1: 5 Must-Know Industry Pros

Dear Fellow Twitter Friends,

This year, I’m shifting away from the traditional #FollowFriday memes of the past in favor of something a little more personal.  Instead of the customary laundry list of @ recommendations,  each week I’ll post a short list of top tweeters – who may or may not be related in any conventional way – and tell you why you should follow them, too.

Like to spread the #FF love? Why not try this, too.  Every week, hand pick a few of your favorites & tell us why we should follow them, too.  If you don’t have a blog to sum up your recommendations, try it as a tweet instead!

To kick things off, here are 5  of my ongoing favorites: even when I don’t have time to tweet myself, watching what these people have to say helps me keep informed of what I might be missing…

  1. @MFGcom – Not your average #manufacturing news ticker, @MFGcom offers a well-informed perspective on the world’s most important industry.  Timely news and smart opinions make a great addition to any manufacturing-minded feed.
  2. @packagingdiva – Well-known by the #packaging hashtag crowd, @packagingdiva is an all-over expert on the stuff that protects the stuff we all buy.  Follow her for everything packaging: from sustainability to design trends to packaging faux-pas.
  3. @toyotaequipment – For helpful materials handling & supply chain tweets peppered with snarky asides: follow @toyotaequipment.  Another engaging community member, @toyotaequipment is insightful and RT-friendly, too!
  4. @SocMfgEng – Another stellar manufacturing tweep I can’t RT enough.  @SocMfgEng offers a broad view into the ups and downs of the industry with a focus on manufacturing education: something we all know the world could use some more of!
  5. @TaigaCompany – If green business is your business, follow @TaigaCompany for great links and smart posts on all things sustainable and lean.

There you have it. 5 smart, insightful folks offering consistently great information on their  respective fields that you should #FollowForever. Not only informative, these tweeters actively engage and respond within their respective communities – which makes all the difference.

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