FollowForever #2: 4 Manufacturing Must-Follows

FollowForever #2: 4 Manufacturing Must-Follows

In keeping with this week’s manufacturing news spirit, today’s FollowForever goes out to a few more interesting folks tweeting about the industry:

  1. @MFGSourcing – Another representative of, @mfgsourcing is ripe with links on the industry, both here and abroad.  Tune in for stats and timely news from trade to textiles.
  2. @ShopfloorNAM – Official twitter account for the Association of Manufacturing Engineers, the self-proclaimed “voice of US Manufacturing” focuses on domestic manufacturing strategy for the big dogs and little guys alike.
  3. @AEMstore – From OSHA to on-the-job training, this account run by Association for Equipment Manufacturing focuses on all things safety (something we can never get enough of in a knife & saw factory!).
  4. @mfrsnews – Timely links focused on US manufacturing: exports & output, jobs & economic stats. Updates on national data as well as news from individual states.

Four more stand-out, gracious individuals with great industry insights, and enough heart to RT the little guy once in a while : )

Thanks for sharing, all.  Happy Tweeting!

Note: These suggestions are for informational purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by YSK of the individuals, companies, or organizations represented by those mentioned above.