FollowForever #3: Priceless Publications

FollowForever #3: Priceless Publications

The coolest thing about working in a knife factory (besides the knives, of course) is all the great trivia I get to learn about so many different industries.  That said, I really have to manage my time well as I try to keep up with the trends and top news in every arena.

Manufacturing, food, packaging – wherever the news is coming from – this week’s FollowForever is a quick list of publications offering timely tweets from every sector, helping you keep up-to-date on whatever it is you need to know:

  1. @IndustryWeek –  A popular resource in the manufacturing community, Industry Week’s twitter account focuses mainly on the politics and economy of manufacturing.  Follow them yourself to stay on top of trends and developing stories from the ever-evolving industry.
  2. @PackagingDigest – I bet if you’re into packaging, you already have a few subscriptions to this at the plant.  FollowForever for premier packaging posts and important insights beyond the monthly magazine.
  3. @PetersonPub – Representing the myriad niche magazines by Peterson Publications, this feed is chock full of friendly rapport and great links on plastics, packaging, business,  and manufacturing, too.
  4. @thejournal_RA – Tweets from Executive Editor of The Journal, Rockwell Automation’s flagship publication. For sustainability to manufacturing technology, follow this Twitter account for web-exclusives from RA and all things manufacturing automation & education.
  5. @FoodPack – For food and packaging tweeps alike, @FoodPack offers a steady stream of trends, commentary, and interesting stories for the lean-minded, food-industry-concerned, packaging hound in all of us.

These are only a few of the top publications we hear from every day. For more great follows like this, check out our ever-growing industry pubs Twitter list.

Happy Friday!

Note: These suggestions are for informational purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by YSK of the individuals, companies, or organizations represented by those mentioned above.