FollowForever #4: Movers, Shakers, & Great Stuff-Makers

FollowForever #4: Movers, Shakers, & Great Stuff-Makers

Last week I put together a new list on twitter featuring “People who make the stuff that helps make the stuff we all need.” Simply stated, the list contains manufacturers of components, machinery, systems, bits and pieces that, added together, make the systems that lead to usable, consumable products.

I wanted to point out a few of my particular favorites – if you don’t follow the *whole* list – I hope you’ll at least check out these few fine fabricators:

  1. @habasit_amcox The USA-based voice of Habasit, a global leader in conveyor belt manufacturing. Look to this feed for interesting bytes on everything from packaging to manufacturing. A take on the world similar to what you’ll see in our own feed who’s just as friendly, too!
  2. @KnightGlobal Even with a 17k-follower base, this ergonomics manufacturer still find time to participate in the #manufacturing discussion.  I’d love to RT all of @KnightGlobal’s tweets, but then I’d run out of time for my own insights!  Follow yourself to discover industry news you might not find otherwise.
  3. @tnasolutions Australia-based global manufacturer of form-fill-seal and other packaging equipment, the @tnasolutions feed offers more great, global updates on packaging, the food industry, and more.
  4. @Budbox a relatively new follow for us here, @Budbox is the twitter voice of Bud Industries, Ohio-based maker of electronics enclosures.  Look here for up-to-date US Manufacturing news & sustainability issues the world over.
  5. @QuickLabel Gracious retweeter, maker of all things labeling – @QuickLabel’s feed offers packaging & sustainability-focused tweets with a smile. Follow for industry smarts and plain old friendly conversation.

For more great follows like this, check out our ever-growing manufacturers Twitter list.

Oh, and feel free to leave a comment or find @yorksaw on twitter if there’s someone you think we missed.

Happy Friday!

Note: These suggestions are for informational purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by YSK of the individuals, companies, or organizations represented by those mentioned above.