FollowForever: Street Smarts and Social, Too

FollowForever: Street Smarts and Social, Too

It’s been a while since I posted a FollowForever for you fine folks, but I think it’s about time I picked up where we left off.  With our increasing number of increasingly engaging followers and friends, I’m once again becoming overwhelmed with the traditional #FF formula. So I’m swapping “FollowFriday” for “FollowForever.”

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, FollowForever is our attempt focusing on a few fine Twitter users every week. Instead of of dozens of shouts, we pick a theme and a few top accounts to recommend. We try to switch the themes up frequently, and are always welcome to suggestions.

This week our focus is on smart tweeps who happen to be incredibly adept at using social media the right way. Overall, each of these Twitter-ers is knowledgeable about his/her own industry, typically helpful to newcomers, and overall a general asset to our burgeoning industrial corner of the Twitterverse.

If you’re new to the B2B Twitter scene or feeling a little lost in the mix, I invite you to check out their accounts and give them a #FollowForever of your own:

  1.  @rigginsconst – I #FollowForever this account for 1. Having an uncanny knack for saying exactly what I’m thinking about SocMed ettiquette & marketing and 2. Offering an unending supply of helpful tips,  links, and -sometimes if you’re lucky- an inspiring inspiring Chinese proverb to help keep the community at large on track.  Rookie tweep or seasoned SocMed veteran, I think we could all benefit from some smart exchange and a bit of #youmightbespam peppered in.
  2. @toyotaequipment – I know Kyle has made our list before, but how can you honestly talk about industrial B2b + social media without bringing him up? The official voice of Toyota Lift of Minnesota offers a lot to all of us just by virtue of being. Kyle is on point with RT’s and smart finds from #manufacturing to #supplychain. He’s also a champion of #FBLT on Tuesdays and an all-around nice guy (at least, he plays one on Twitter!)
  3. @Sundt – I discovered “the guys that moved London Bridge” as one of the founders of the #FBLT meme. I #FollowForever Sundt because they’re follow-friendly and incredibly industry smart. Of course, I am a little partial towards century-old companies built on strong values and an unwavering commitment to engineering quality. But then again, who shouldn’t be? Anyone who’s made it the past 100 years and come out tweeting has my vote ..naturally!
  4. @IndustrialLive – I #FollowForever Industrial Live for  couple reasons. For one, their daily “Industrial Live” e-paper showcases timely, relevant tweets from across the manufacturing/environmental/business Twitterverse. For two, they have some of the most clever #FF callouts in the game. Brace yourself for friendly banter, informative news, and pop culture quotes galore.
  5. @etplastics – Active on both Facebook & Twitter, E&T Plastics gets our #FollowForever vote for being helpful with #green-tinted blog posts & links as well as friendly with RT’s and commentary. We’re also a fan of how this account handles #FF a little differently, offering a bit of info as they mention a single account in any given #FF tweet. Follow for smiles, fun facts, and really good insight on all things eco and plastic.
  6. @EXAIR – Our last-but-certainly-not-least #FollowForever goes out to EXAIR – as generous with RT’s as they are with sharing their own insights on all things manufacturing & engineering. Besides the industry know-how is @EXAIR’s willingness to welcome new tweeps to the conversation. We’re also having fun meeting their engineers one by one as each finds his way into the Twitter scene individually – if only I could get some of *our* engineers to come say hello!

There you go. Six more, in-no-particular-order Twitter users who are as smart about their respective businesses as they are approachable in the B2B Social Media space.

Hope you’ll give them your own #FF shout, and in case you found this without finding us first, don’t forget to follow @yorksaw for more #FollowForever!

Happy Friday!

Note: These suggestions are for informational purposes only and do not represent an endorsement by YSK of the individuals, companies, or organizations represented by those mentioned above.