Band Knives

Industrial Band Knives

York Saw & Knife industrial band knives are a suitable blade for OEMs seeking high-quality stock band knife blades as well as end users looking for a custom cutting edge.
Band knives, also known as “toothless band saws” or “toothless band saw blades,” can be fit to any band saw or band-style cutting machine. Contact us today for a quote or free consultation →

York Saw & Knife band knives can be configured with or without teeth, blunt or razor sharp depending on your application’s needs. Blades are available in coils or welded-to-length for easy installation.

APPLICATIONS — cutting, trimming, slicing, scoring

MATERIALS — high carbon, stainless steel

Band Knife & Toothless Band Saw Tooth Configurations

Our band knives can be manufactured with a number of different blade & tooth configurations. Each different edge geometry offers advantages to the cut quality & blade longevity when working with certain materials.

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Beveled Band Knife (Toothless Band Saw) Configurations:

Square EdgeSingle Bevel BluntSingle Bevel Sharp
Double Single BluntDouble Single SharpDouble Blunt
Double SharpDouble Double BluntDouble Double Sharp

York Saw & Knife also manufactures toothed band knives in V-profile, scalloped, and custom configurations.

Band Knife Industry Uses

While band knives are particularly popular in the foam converting, meat processing, and packaging industries, they can be applied to cutting materials in virtually application, including:

FoamFoil & MetalsLeather
PolypropylenePaper CoresBakery Products
Tree CareSeafoodCorrugated Products
Fleshing & Taxidermy

Offering customized configurations is one of the reasons why our team can provide industrial band knives to such a wide range of industries as well as for a broad number of applications — without requiring a minimum order to ship. Our more than a century of experience and history also lets us design and manufacture tailored cutting solutions for your specialized processes.

With our custom knives, we provide lead times that are 50 to 70 percent faster than other suppliers, delivering your high-quality and durable blades when you need them. In many cases, both our standard and custom knives also provide you with financial savings when compared to the expense and time-sink of sourcing knives from suppliers overseas.

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Industrial Applications of Band Knives

Our USA-made band knives are delivered worldwide and trusted for several applications, including:

  • CuttingDivide mass quantities of steel, foil, film, food, foam and other materials with the robust cutting edge and blade hardness of our industrial band knives. If you need a different kind of industrial blade for your cutting machines, we also design and manufacture standard and custom circular, cutoff and straight blades.
  • TrimmingMeet your facility’s trimming needs with our superior band knives. Trim various textile materials, from felt, velour and denim to Kevlar, gauze, and Gore-Tex. We’ll customize our blades with the tooth and material configuration you need to trim the materials your facility is producing and processing with ease and precision.
  • SlicingUse our industrial band saw knives to slice a variety of materials. Our blades can cut through adhesives, plastics, metal, nonwovens and more. Every cut is delivered with accuracy and without creating chips, making your facility’s work productive and efficient, which saves you and your company time and money. If you need a unique, customized blade, our engineers can design and manufacture one to meet your facility’s needs.
  • ScoringTrust the unparalleled quality of our band knives for scoring tough materials like stone, concrete, glass, film and more. With their customized configuration, from their teeth to their composition, you can count on them delivering the strength and performance you need when it comes to prepping durable materials for future cuts or adding decorative touches before their sale or installation.
  • SplittingManage the thickness of materials, from rubber and foam to leather and paper, with the sharp cutting edge and robust blade hardness of our industrial band knives. They’re also useful for splitting non-woven materials, fur and other textiles. Whether you need a blade in stainless steel or high carbon, our team can design and manufacture it at our shop in York, Pennsylvania.

Need Band Knives for Your Industrial Application?

Since 1906, York Saw & Knife has provided thousands of custom cutting solutions for dozens of industrial applications. Our family-owned and operated business can do the same for you and your company. Call our team at 1-800-233-1969 or contact us today for a free quote or consultation →

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional.

– Emil Kiss, Paco Winders