Industry Voices Silenced: Converting Magazine Closes its Doors

Industry Voices Silenced: Converting Magazine Closes its Doors

We’re pretty big on converting, so naturally we were pretty upset to hear that Converting Magazine has ceased publication effective immediately.

Industry Publisher RBI has been planning this move for almost 9 months, but last Friday  it became official. Converting Magazine, along with 22 other publications spanning industries from graphics to home improvement, has closed its doors forever.

The loss of one of the converting industry’s leading voices in print is compounded by the subsequent closure of the resource rich, which officially closes April 30,2010.  For what excellent insight and content the print edition provided, the site itself quadrupled in up to date news posts, discussions on converting sub-topics, job postings, and even additional e-newsletters.

RBI has made mention of making the intellectual property associated with these pubs available for sale, but only time will tell if that turns out to anything.

So here’s to you, Converting Magazine: thanks for over a quarter century of insight, opportunity, and dedication to the converting industry and all us manufactures, suppliers, and everyone in between.

You will be missed.