Lower Priced versus Higher Priced Blades: Benefits and Applications

Lower Priced versus Higher Priced Blades: Benefits and Applications

York Saw and Knife manufactures blades not only for a wide array of applications, but for various price points as well.  Some customers may want a lower costing blade versus a higher quality blade at a higher price point.

The following are reasons and examples for the cheaper and more expensive option of our blades.

Low cost blades/ disposable blades

Low cost blades are beneficial where cost is the dominate factor by purchase order amounts, and not blade performance.  These blades are usually used in situations where there is repetitive product loss or production down time.

Applications for these blades, especially the disposable blades, are generally in an environment that would warrant a quick tool change scenario, especially where short interruptions in production are not that detrimental.  This could be any process from a vertical bag machine to creating a tear notch or to cutting vegetables.

Higher priced/higher quality blades

The higher price blades are beneficial to companies where long tool time change overs can cut into production time and especially where any stoppage in the process causes great loss of revenue.  Higher quality knives/blades should be used in processes that gain from the attributes of a higher grade material, hardness steels or other performance attributes like hard lubricious coatings to enhance the cut quality and make them more durable under abrasive, challenging conditions.  A few examples would be a vertical bag machine that is being used to package frozen foods or a continuous film extrusion process that incorporates an in-line perforation operating.

Of course, there are other options between the low and high blades mentioned above, please call or email us today to discover what durability and price point is correct for your application!