Luxite Saw Has Arrived

Luxite Saw Has Arrived

Carbide Saw Blades for Woodworking
Carbide Saw Blades for Woodworking

Last week I posted a semi-ambiguous tweet hinting at our launch of a new product line, and today I’m back with a big grin on my face to let you know it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag.After 106 years in the industrial blade business, York Saw & Knife is proud to announce its retail debut with the launch of www.luxitesaw.comthe new home of LUXITE® brand carbide-tipped circular saws.


No doubt you’ve heard of the LUXITE® name if you’ve been in the woodworking business long enough. In fact, I just posted a find on Facebook last week of an original LUXITE® blade which appeared in a 1977 issue of Popular Mechanics. But what you might not have known is that YSK has actually owned the brand since 1991 and has been producing replacement LUXITE® blades on request ever since.

Of course, being the perfectionist blade-savvy bunch of engineers we are, we’ve also been improving and refining the finer points over the years. And now we’re taking it one step further, offering you the quality and service you’d expect from any YSK product in a stocked-and-ready-to-ship retail storefront. now offers carbide-tipped circular saw blades, narrow band saw blades, and band saw tires and glue.

VPD Premium Blades, Not Your Pa-paw’s Rip Saw

Beyond our standard blades, we are also thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive LUXMASTER™ VPD circular saw blade line. Premium VPD blades feature precision-engineered variable tooth pitch and variable gullet depth blade profiles, an exclusive design that provides a superior, slick-finish cut for most rip, crosscut, or combination saw applications. LUXMASTER™ high performance blades represent some of the best blade technology available to woodworkers today.

Free Shipping, And Promos, And Guarantees, oh My!

Whatever product you choose, LUXITE® professional sawblades are a great for woodworkers, cabinetmakers, finish carpenters, or anyone else looking for a precise, consistent cut. All our saw plates are laser cut from the finest grade steel, heat treated, tipped and polish-ground on location in our York, PA factory. We stand behind every product we make, and so each blade is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee against manufacturing defect.

Circular saw blades and band saw accessories are available for purchase online today at Not only will you enjoy free ground shipping for orders of $150 or higher, but for a limited time you can save an extra 10% by using promo code GOLUX10 when you pay for your first order!

We’d also love if you’d stop by and give us a shout if you’re in Vegas this week. Our Luxite Saw team is set up and ready to go at Booth 4663 of AWFS.

Either way, we hope you’ll give LUXITE® sawblades a shot for your next woodworking project – we’re confident you’ll never use any other blade!