Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

Machine Knife Association: A Call for Membership

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YSK President Mike Pickard, in addition to guiding our company, has recently been selected by our industry leaders to serve as the President of the Machine Knife Association. This group that is one of the oldest trade associations in the country has a primary mission of sharing machine knife technical and industry developments with its members.

Mike has taken on the mission of continuing the growth of the organization by bringing in new members , both manufacturers and suppliers to the industry in order to share the ever-growing challenges of technical changes in both materials and processes. He recently stated, ” our Association recognizes the need to address the globalization that has occurred and to strengthen our members ability to meet the needs that have resulted.”

Related companies that are deemed to be responsible members of the machine knife industry will be approached to consider membership. While established machine knife and metal cutting knife manufacturers may be eligible for Regular Membership: there is Associate Membership opportunity for service providers, suppliers, and distributors in support of the industry.

For more information about membership, or to learn more about the Machine Knife Association and its role in the industry, please contact Mike directly at 800-233-1969 ext. 223