May 2010: Manufacturing Keeps its Chin Up

May 2010: Manufacturing Keeps its Chin Up

Back in March we talked about some hopeful news and positive statistics in US Manufacturing’s slow but optimistic turnaround.In the two months since, it seems to have only grown more positive.  For every dark cloud, we seem to find two with silver lining; the consensus being that factory output/ domestic manufacturing are, in fact, leading the way in our domestic economic recovery.

We could spend a lifetime aggregating all the great thoughts and news we’ve seen as of late.  Here are just 5 optimistic points on the present state of US manufacturing:

  1. US Durable Goods Orders Continue to Rise

    Four out of the past five months have yielded an increase in durables orders from US-based manufacturers.  This plus continued increase in exports is helping to “[keep] factories at the forefront of the recovery from the worst recession since the 1930s.”  This report goes on to note a decline in transportation sales, but sums up that overall, production & exports are up – and that’s OK by us!

  2. Optimism is High at the EASTEC Manufacturing Trade Show

    Expecting a 5% attendance increase over 2009’s expo, EASTEC 2010 focuses on all aspects of the manufacturing industry: from increases in manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts to “onshoring” as a growing National trend. Overall, we’re seeing  a lot of confidence in the future of US Manufacturing and the industry’s importance in economic recovery as a whole. EASTEC, the Northeast’s largest manufacturing trade show, continues through this afternoon; it will be interesting to compare final attendance numbers and exhibitor sentiment once the event wraps up.

  3. Manufacturing Isn’t What it Used to Be; So Where is it Headed?

    We all know manufacturing is becoming a leaner, more skilled, more dynamic version of its old self.  Another good sign in the industry’s turnaround is what appears to be growing interest in the future of manufacturing as a whole.  Take this artists perspective on the concept of mobile manufacturing, an idea that throws out the old stand-alone factory meme and brings production to the people.  Is that where we’re really headed? It may seem a little far fetched now, but who really knows what the future holds?

  4. Nissan Breaks Ground for New Plant, Creates 1200+ potential jobs

    Wednesday’s ground breaking marks “the beginning of immediate and long-term employment opportunities in Rutherford County, [TN]” as Nissan begins to expand its Sustainable Mobility Plant, creating numbers of green jobs in connection to the production of the all-electric Leaf compact car.  But TN isn’t the only state reporting new opportunity in manufacturing…

  5. Factory Jobs are Up 101,000 Since December

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a bump of 44,000 new manufacturing jobs reported in April alone, totaling out at over 100k job growth since December ’09.  If every little bit counts, this is just more support to the growing trend of “onshoring” we keep hearing about…

This is one small peek into recent optimism over the manufacturing turnaround in the US.  Most perspectives point out that this is a growing trend, and that it is, in fact, manufacturing making the most headway out of this so-called “Great Recession.”  We’ll definitely keep you updated with new finds and reports as the sector (hopefully) continues to trend upward.

Meanwhile, we’d like to know: What’s the best news you’ve heard or seen in US Manufacturing lately?