Modern Marvels: Packaging Insight for the People

Modern Marvels: Packaging Insight for the People

Friday night’s premier of Modern Marvels: Packaging was so interesting I watched it twice.

Yes, it covered a lot about packaging I already knew, but it also presented some great facts and insight I never could have guessed – like how bell peppers were an inspiration for water bottle design. Or how bubble wrap was an accident (would you believe it started as an idea for textured wallpaper?)!

But, beyond new trivia and real-time demonstrations – what I really appreciated was the great job they did making all that stuff – all the “I Know That”s we industry pros tout every day – clear and interesting to the rest of the world.  More than just a 44-minute showcase of how a bag of frozen peas gets filled – the episode digs into the logistics, the process, the tools and technology – the real ins and outs of packaging, like:

  • How much really goes into designing disposable water bottles.
  • How blister packs offer a real alternative to clamshells.
  • How to get robots into space in one piece.
  • How bubble wrap gets its bubbles (and other great innovations in protective packaging)

Speaking of bubble wrap, if you watch close enough, you’ll also get to see a gleaming row of circular knives hard at work slitting giant rolls of it!

Did you see the show? What did you think?

Did you miss it?  Check your local listings for a repeat. Watch it online. Whatever.

No matter how much you already know about packaging – this is one Modern Marvels episode you shouldn’t miss.

“..try to survive a single day without packaging..”

— “Packaging” The History Channel Website