Nano Nano

Nano Nano


Apple has the iPod nano. An Indian car maker (Tata Motors) launched its Nano this week.

Related, there’s buzz building re: nanotechnology in some of the industries York Saw & Knife serves. But, it’s only buzz, and it’s only building.  Packaging World notes a January report on nanotechnology in packaging by the Swiss Center for Technology Advancement TA-SWISS.

From PW, the Swiss group noted nanotechnology:

      1. “…is already incorporated into some food


    1. , for example in films, nano-silver layers or layers in PET bottles to improve barrier properties. They even cite greenhouse gas reductions associated with ‘nano-PET bottles.’ The study recognizes that there is a huge market potential for nano-materials in packaging.”

A very interesting read detailing the Swiss group and writer’s wrestling with the balance of potential and benefits of new nanotech versus the extent of regulation and safety a new technology warrants.

We welcome the opportunity to design a cut-off knifestraight knife or circular knife that would efficiently and effectively score a nano-material film, or slice a nano-material bottle. And if feasible – down the road – developing cutting tools utilizing nanotech.