Pack Wrap

Pack Wrap

Pack Expo 2008 is in the books and York Saw & Knife is back from the Windy City. We really enjoyed the show – and it seemed Pack Expo enjoyed the YSK booth! More attendees visited our booth than any other Pack show we’ve been involved with!* So congrats to the Pack Expo organizers and our own YSK team who coordinated our show participation and staffed the event.

York Saw & Knife blades not only deliver proven results, but they also get a lot of attention. People regularly stopped at the YSK booth to take a look at the wide variety of leading-edge York Saw & Knife blades displayed. Among the favorites of the Pack crowd were the packaging knivesstraight knives and circular knives.

York Saw at Pack Expo

Maybe it was the peppermint patties!

For attendees that swiped their card at the YSK booth, we will be sending out information soon!