Playing Hide and Seek With Google Maps

Playing Hide and Seek With Google Maps

Google Maps lists our location incorrectly in two places. If you’re planning to visit, make sure to look for the building highlighted above. It looks just like the one we have pictured all over our website!!

I wanted to point out a “bug” in Google Maps we’ve been trying to get corrected for weeks now.It seems the world’s most popular search engine simply can’t decide where York Saw & Knife is actually located, so it has us listed twice.

Unfortunately, while those locations are on the same street as our actual facility, neither actually is our actual facility.

And while for a moment it may seem cool to have a map listing that makes you look more like a huge manufacturing complex, it’s probably not a good idea to have would-be visitors ending up anywhere but where you really are. (Besides, I think we’re plenty amazing without pretending to take over the neighbors!)

So, please accept the above fancy little mockup of York Saw & Knife’s actual facility location for your future reference. As you can see the Google Listings aren’t that far off, but its enough to get any new visitor lost or confused pretty quickly. Indeed, there are a number of other sites who seem to have marked our location incorrectly.

Meanwhile, Bing seems to have our location listing dead on, so I’d encourage you to look there for driving directions & other pertinent information about York Saw & Knife, Oleson Saw Technology (OSTI), and Luxite Saw.

We are presently updating our contact pages across all YSK family sites to include the correct map listing with Bing.

And of course, you can always find us online right here, any time 🙂

Happy Friday!