Questions to Ask When Buying Saw Blades

Asking a woodworker how essential saw blades are is like wanting to know if using the correct clubs makes a difference in your golf game. You wouldn’t have many successes teeing off with a putter or chipping with a driver. The same line of thinking also holds true when it comes to choosing saw blades.


If you’ve ever wondered if you’re using the right equipment for the task at hand or if you could be making your jobs easier and achieving better results, consider the following saw blade questions to ask yourself to determine if superior quality Luxite carbide tipped blades are right for you:

  1. What type of materials are you cutting? If you’re working with wood or metal materials, there are a variety of Luxite blades that fit the bill. We manufacture blades specifically designed for cutting hardwoods, softwoods, veneers, particle board, non-laminated composites and metals. For other types of materials, you may need a specialty solution or alternative cutting method.
  2. What type of saws are you currently using? Any experienced woodworker or carpenter can tell you that there are dozens of different kinds of saws you may need to use to complete a particular job. As long as you’re using a table saw or a miter saw, there’s a Luxite blade to get the job done right. Our circular saw blades work with all different sizes and types of cutting machines.
  3. Are you cutting with or against the grain? For applications that call for cutting with the grain of the wood, a Luxite rip saw will work smoothly and efficiently. If cutting across the grain, our crosscut saw blades are a solution that will leave a mirror smooth, sleek finish. If you tend to switch frequently between both methods of cutting or only own one saw, nothing beats the versatility of Luxite combination blades.
  4. Do you need clean cuts? There are specific applications and circumstances such as for rough cutting or if you’re not a serious woodworker where you don’t require a blade engineered for exceptional durability and precision. However, for clean cuts with minimal kerf, you won’t find a better option on the market than a Luxite.
  5. How frequently are you using your blades? If you rarely use your circular saws or when you do, it’s just to make a quick cut and be on your way, the quality of your blade is less critical. If you earn your living as a contractor or carpenter or woodworking is your passion, it pays to invest in first-rate products. Luxite blades deliver optimal results while saving you time and money over the long run by dramatically outlasting cheaper options with less required sharpening and cleanings.

For more information, contact the experts at Luxite Saw today. We’ll be happy to answer all your saw blade questions and help you find the products best suited to your woodworking applications.