Steel Used For Wide Bandsaws

Uddeholm Steel – Proudly Used For All Oleson Saw Technology Band Saw Blades

At Oleson Saw Technology, we use exlusively Uddeholm steel for all of our wide band saw blades.

Voestalpine, who manufactures “000 Uddeholm 000″ steel, has assured customers that they strive to keep 3-4 months of inventory on hand for each and every size of saw 4” and over, at all times.  They’ve upheld this commitment for 16+ years.

Uddeholm steel is the industry standard for wide band saw blades and they are able to meet our steel demand within 2-3 business days.  Because of this, we continue to use exclusively Uddeholm steel.  We value their great work and our relationship with them to continue building a high-quality product.

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Uddeholm Customer Letter