Sustainable Manufacturing, P&G Style

Sustainable Manufacturing, P&G Style

Keeping stride with their own commitment to power plants with 30% renewable energy by 2020, P&G constructed the 100m-tall turbine in a single day at the Coevorden Pet Care plant.

The turbine is expected to generate some 17% of the energy normally consumed by the plant – enough to power 1500 Dutch households.

Then, in the same announcement, P&G also reveals plans to install solar panels on its Cologne, Germany and other regional plants.

Sure, it’s no secret the world’s largest producer of consumer packaged goods has been taking sustainability seriously. With last years “Supplier Sustainability Scorecard” and the subsequent release of a very clear Sustainability Mission,  this is one company that really seems to be putting its money where its mouth is.

It’s the  “practice what you preach” mentality and the idea that we’re not in this alone – that this is a “we not me” – that’s really making an impact.

Reading P&G’s official press release, this quote from the company’s VP of Sustainability stands out in my mind:

“…Innovation and external partnerships are key components of a successful sustainability program. No one company can do it alone…”

Len Sauers, VP Global Sustainability, P&G

It’s not just doing it for the sake of doing it, either.  It’s about how what’s good & what makes sense is what also leads to something tangibly better for everyone in the end.

P&G isn’t the only big company out there with a similar mission, but from my corner of the world they are at least one of the most vocal about it.  Not only in touting their own success, but also in offering encouragement and guidance to the rest of us – you know, the little guys that added together can make an effort  just as big.