TGI Pi Day!

TGI Pi Day! - Why did the pie go to the Dentist? Because it needed a filling! Happy Pi Day!!!

Happy Pi Day, indeed!

In case you’re not aware, “Pi Day” is the “holiday” commemorating the sweetest little mathematical constant there ever was: pi.  Naturally, it is observed on March 14 since 3.14 are the most noteworthy (i.e. the first three) digits of the number that is as endless as the circles we measure with it.

Pi (and sometimes pie) lovers of all kinds celebrate Pi Day in their own way. Some of the nations top news outlets weigh in:

Of all the things we love to geek out about, the world’s most lovable irrational number has to be the one we’re most thankful for.Why, without pi, we’d have no circumference, no diameter,  no hook angle, no PRECISION in the blades we make everyday!

Of course, the fact that nerdy day like this also invites countless puns about “pie” “irrational behavior” and the like doesn’t hurt a sharp bunch of jokesters group like us, either 😉

How is pi important to your business?