Top 5 Questions by Pack Expo Visitors

Top 5 Questions by Pack Expo Visitors

YSK President Mike Pickard & Product Manager Tom Bowser chat with visitors to the YSK booth.

After what may go down as the shortest week in recorded history,  we are happy to be home safe and recovering from another exciting Pack Expo.  Yours truly had an opportunity to join the team for all of Tuesday, and in the same breath I’m happy to report it was as exciting as it was overwhelming (one day is NOT enough!).Seeing machines in action, talking to various experts on their own product, and catching up with old friends and new faces – honestly, if you’ve never been to PACK and you have *anything* to do with packaging or converting, you need to mark this on your calendar for next year. Period.

Besides wandering around the show marveling at machines and filling my brain with new ideas, I also had an opportunity to observe our guys in action as they fielded all sorts of questions from booth visitors.  I’ll address the show itself in a future post (there are some big trends we need to keep watching!);  for now I want to share some of the most popular questions we heard:

1. Where are your machine knives made?

York Saw & Knife is NOT a distributor. We are a manufacturer.  Our custom machine knives and industrial saws are all made in house at our Emigsville, PA facility.  Design, manufacture, sharpening, heat treating — we’ve been making blades in house for 105 years, and we take pride in everything we do.

2. How long are your lead times on a ___ knife?

If this wasn’t a visitor’s first question, it was their second: right after #1, of course!  In short, our lead times are typically 70 – 75% shorter than the competition. No, that is not a misprint. Our lead times average 2/3 less than those quoted by ‘the other guys.’

3. What is the minimum order for xxx blade?

Minimum order? What minimum order?  Seriously.  All York Saw & Knife blades are available in quantities as few as one or as many as … well, how ever many you need!

4. How much is xxx knife/ where can I find your pricing?

The bulk of our work is highly customized.  Even similar applications can have different needs – we’ll review yours specifically to make sure we offer you the right product.  For that reason, we do not have a standard price listing for our knives or saws.

5. I’m working on cutting xxx. Can you help me?

Chances are, we have a solution for your cutting needs.  Whether you’re an OEM or an end user, we’ll do our best to deliver the ultimate cutting edge.  We even offer free test cutting for cutoff knife users. If for some reason your needs fall outside our capabilities, we’ll do our best to refer to another shop who can help.

The 'ninja knife' got more passing attention than any other knife on display. Can you find it?"
The ‘ninja knife’ got more passing attention than any other knife on display. Can you find it?”

Overall,  the show was an absolute success.  Even those visitors who were simply ‘just looking’ had something to say about our products.  The most ‘talked about’ knife among passers by? A small perforating blade, most referred to as the ‘ninja star’ or ‘ninja knife.’

Of course, we also received a number of questions about cutting specific materials, making blades from particular metals, and using different coatings on the blades.  I won’t list them all here, but I’d encourage you to look at our full line of machine knives & industrial saws on the main site. If you have more questions, you can call us directly.  If you’re ready for a quote, you can submit an RFQ.

That said, we’d like to extend our thanks again to all who stopped by, and a million more thanks to PMMI for another awesome show!  For those of you we missed, we hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did.  Those of you who exhibited, we hope it was a success for you, too.