York Saw and Knife Installs New Test Cutting Machine

York Saw and Knife Installs New Test Cutting Machine

Many customers in the packaging and converting business are exploring new types of plastics and polymer materials and experiencing difficulty in using their existing knives to cut these new, progressive materials. York Saw & Knife has developed a test cutting machine to help design engineers and plant personnel solve their cutting problems. The machine is designed to test rectangular or straight knives.

It is an easy 3 step process

1] Call one of our sales engineers at 800-233-1969 and discuss your particular application, what you are trying to achieve or type of problem you are trying to solve. We need to know what type of cut edge geometry in your material is acceptable for your application like a straight cut,”V” shape on the cut edge commonly found on candy bar wrappers, potato chip bags, etc. – or a wavy edge.

2] Send us a sample of your material either by shipping it to us @ York Saw & Knife, 295 Emig Road, Emigsville, PA 17318 or by mail to: York Saw & Knife. P.O. Box 733, York, PA 17405

3] We will test cut your material using different cutting edge geometry’s and tooth designs. V-teeth, scalloped edge, and beveled edged configurations all can be tested. We will return your sample test cuts to you and inform you which knife configurations used the least amount of force to cut your material.

Our test cutting service is free of charge and an excellent way for you to narrow down the optimum cutting edge for your particular application.