Iseli STA Automatic Swage and Shaping Machine

The Iseli STA Automatic Swage and Shaping Machine is a fully automatic hydraulic controlled swaging machine for log band saw blades.

Iseli STA Specifications 
Band saw blades:
– Length:6000 to 14000mm
– Width:60 to 300mm
Frame saw blades:
– Width:60 to 160mm
-Toothing length:up to 1250mm
Blade thickness: 0,8 to 3mm
Tooth pitch:18 to 60mm
Tooth height:from 10mm
Clearance angle:5° to 28°
Rake angle:5° to 35°
Feeding speed:about 8 swaged and shaped
teeth a minute

Iseli STA Features

  • Automatic swaging and shaping process in one operation
  • Short setting time
  • High precision
  • Great economic viability
  • Easy to operate
  • Technical specifications according to brochure
  • Hydraulic control
  • Incl. central height adjustment of the saw blades
  • Incl. front blade supports


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