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Large Band Saw Blades for Sawmills

For over 100 years, Oleson Saw has had a proud reputation for producing exceptional-quality blades for sawmills and a variety of other timber cutting and processing applications. We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs and makes all of our band saw blades right here in the U.S. at our York, PA, facility.

We carry a number of band saw blades for every sawmill application and offer a broad range of standard options alongside the ability to custom-engineer a product for you with a variety of blade styles, materials and tooth configurations.  All our precision band saw blades feature CNC waterjet-cut teeth configured for metal and wood-cutting applications.

Our band sawmill blades work with a wide range of stationary sawmills. Sizes of our blades range from widths of 4″ to 14″ to fit most large bandsaws. The bands can be welded to practically any length needed for your mill.  All of our band saw blades are designed specifically for mills that require large bandsaw blades. We do not make blades for portable sawmills.

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Choosing the Right Industrial Sawmill Band Saw Blades

The success of your sawmill and timber processing operation is directly linked to the quality and performance of your wide band saw blades. At Oleson Saw, we have the technical expertise to provide a solution that improves productivity and results while lowering long-term costs relating to sharpening, maintaining and replacing blades.

Whether you are in the market for Stellite™-tipped band saw blades or swage-tipped blades, you’ll get a premium American-made product at a competitive price. Options for cutting edges include:

  • Stellite-tipped band saw blades:

    Created from a combination of cobalt-chromium alloys, Stellite-tipped sawmill blades offer exceptional wear resistance compared with traditional materials. These cutting blades are ideal for hardwood and heavy-duty cutting applications and will stay sharp for an extended period for reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Swage-tipped band saw blades:

    The wider dimension cutting edge and surface of our swage-tipped band saw blades deliver clean and smooth cuts working with large logs and timber. These sawmill blades produce less sawdust to reduce product waste and can stand up to heavy-duty applications.

  • Ready-to-tip sawmill blades:

    For the ultimate in customization, Oleson Saw offers ready-to-tip band sawmill blades. We have the in-house capabilities to complete the tipping process or we can provide these blades for finishing at your facility.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to pass along some good news to you and a big “thank you”. We were recently able to test the knife that you supplied us for our “hard-to-cut” material. The “puncture and tear” method that works with other materials would not work with this material.  We had to have a complete cut and this knife provided exactly what we needed without making any machine modifications.  Thank you for all of your time and assistance with this project.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional.

– Emil Kiss, Paco Winders

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Conventional Wide Band Saw Blades

Conventional band saw blades have a standard number of teeth with identical tooth spacing and gullet depth along the length of the blade.  Conventional bands are the oldest of all band saw blade designs. They are primarily ground on a conventional cam operated band saw sharpener.

Vari-Pitch and Vari-Depth Band Sawmill Blades

Variable-pitch band saw blades are engineered to have tooth spacing that is wider or narrower from one tooth to the next. A pattern, or “segment” of 3 to 9 teeth with varying spacing is repeated for the specified length of the blade. While the spacing varies, the gullet depth itself remains the same along the entire blade.

Variable-depth (VPD) band saw blades, on the other hand, feature both varied tooth spacing AND gullet depth, where the gullet depth is proportional to the tooth spacing itself. VPD band saw blades typically yield the best performance over any other blade profile and are a favorite among sawmill owners.

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Buy Your Wide Bandsaw Sawmill Blades From Oleson Saw

Consider our band saw blades the best in the industry for your sawmill. We manufacture a broad selection of top-quality blades to suit almost every purpose in sawmill operation. Choose from a variety of tips, tooth configurations and gullet depths. Each of our band saw blades are waterjet-cut and full flood CNC ground teeth for a dependable product you can count on.

Band saw blades from Oleson Saw Technology come with a legacy. Our team has more than a century’s experience creating industrial saw blades, and we use extensive knowledge to design and produce our products. We create every saw blade in our York, Pennsylvania, facility, located at home in the United States. To keep your band saw blades running efficiently, we also offer filing room equipment and supplies.

At Oleson Saw Technology, we specialize in serving sawmill operators in need of band saw blades and related products. Place an order or request more information today by calling us at 1-800-256-8259.


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