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Custom Industrial Machine Knives

Precision Machine Blades for OEM’s & End-Users

Every cutting application comes with its own set of unique challenges. After over a century in the machine blade business, all we can say is: we get it.

As an OEM, you want a reliable solution that’s cost-effective, quick to turn around, and consistent. We can work with your engineering team to design the best cutting industrial blades for your specific cutting application.

As an end user, you want the most economical solution to your machine knife needs without having to go back to your machine’s OEM. You might even be looking for a better blade solution for the “same old machine.” As long as we don’t already have a working relationship with your machine’s OEM, we are more than happy to serve you directly.

Our Machine Blades Include:


What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional.

– Emil Kiss, Paco Winders

No Matter Your Role – Count on YSK to Deliver the Best Machine Knife

Every Time:

  • Financial Savings — Time and time again we have saved manufacturers and end users money over knives sourced from overseas suppliers.
  • Time Savings — It is not uncommon for our lead times on knife fabrication to be 50 – 70% quicker than those of other suppliers.
  • No Minimum Order — Need I say more?
  • Free Test Cutting — For guillotine-style cutoff knife operations, we offer free, no obligation test cutting services to help you find the optimal cutting edge.
  • 113 Years American Made Quality & Expertise — We’ve been manufacturing in-house in Pennsylvania since 1906, and we take pride in every blade we make.
  • Fearless Engineering — Think your processing knife is a challenge to duplicate? Go on. Send it over. If we can handle shark teeth, we can handle anything!
  • Food Processing to Form Fill Seal, whatever your application, machine, or material we’d love to work with you to design and produce a knife with the ultimate cutting edge.

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The Challenge: Stump Our Team With Your Cutting Quandry

We talk to a number of people out there and visit with others at shows or on the road when we can. We’re unsure, however, how many of you are aware of York Saw and Knife’s capabilities to manufacture specialty knives for OEM’s and their end users.

OEM or end-user, we challenge you to stump our customer support team and applications engineers with a blade that you intend to produce and use. We’re confident we can manufacture any industrial blade you can throw at us (although we’d prefer if you just mailed it or sent drawings).

Our version will be high-quality, economical, tough, precise and feature a shorter lead time.


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York Saw & Knife can design a blade for the most widely used machine knives for almost any industrial application available, including:

  • Skinning — For the meat and food processing industry, our industrial machine knives deliver the cutting edge, blade hardness and material strength needed to process various meats — including fish, pork and beef — and vegetables, like potatoes, with fast accuracy.
  • Dicing — Our straight industrial machine blades streamline food and meat processing with their clean and efficient cuts. Manufacturing our straight knives in different materials also lets you choose the most appropriate one, from stainless steel to high carbon, for your facility and product.
  • Splitting — Bulk quantities of foam, leather, rubber, paper and other materials don’t stand a chance against our industrial band knives. These industrial cutting blades come with or without teeth — based on your preferences — and can be welded-to-length or delivered in coils.
  • Trimming — Cut mass amounts of textiles with our industrial machine knives. Whether you need a circular, band, straight or custom knife for your operations, you can count on the century of experience and commitment to quality that we provide here at YSK.
  • Scoring — Harness the optimum cutting edge of our industrial machine blades to score film, glass, stone, concrete or other materials. We configure our USA-made knives to your needs, from their edge style to composition, which gives your cutting machine what it needs to create accurate score lines.
  • Perforating — Deliver perforated metal, paper, packaging, plastic and more with the superior cutting edge and blade hardness of our circular industrial machine knives. With their custom configurations, from their tooth and edge style to their material, you can trust you’ll find the exact blade your facility and machinery needs with our experienced team.
  • Cutting — Put the unparalleled quality of our industrial cutting blades to work processing food, steel, film, foil and a collection of other materials. Our guillotine or cutoff knives offer a cut that many industries trust, alongside our straight, band and circular blades. And we can help you customize each according to your unique cutting needs.
  • Creasing — Prepare softer materials like cardboard and paper with our industrial machine blades. Our circular and straight knives offer customized designs and deliver superior and consistent creasing you can count on when processing mass orders.
  • Slitting — Process textiles, nonwovens, adhesives, plastics, foil, metal and more with the precision and strength of our industrial cutting blades. Choose from standard styles of our industrial knives or configure a custom blade with our knowledgeable team for manufacturing at our U.S. facility.
  • Miscellaneous — Our family-owned and operated business has a century of firsthand experience designing and manufacturing custom industrial machine knives, whether for coring, portioning, slabbing, skiving or another task. No matter your industry or needs, we’ll develop a solution that delivers the results you need.

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