Custom Machine Knives for OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the country need reliable, high-quality machine knives that will provide long-lasting high performance. To get the right machine knife for your industry and application, you need a custom blade manufacturer to design and produce industrial knives to your specifications.

York Saw & Knife is experienced in producing custom knives for your industry, serving dozens of market segments and unique applications. Our capabilities include designing various knife styles and reverse-engineering your existing blade design to recreate it from scratch. Learn more about the process for custom machine knives for OEMs and why companies choose York Saw & Knife.

Custom Knives for Your Industry

OEMs in need of custom knives require high-quality blades manufactured for their specific purpose, application and industry needs. An industrial machine knife manufacturer should be able to design and manufacture a custom knife that meets your exact specifications.

At York Saw & Knife, we have an experienced engineering design team that can produce a knife specific to your OEM’s blade configuration, material and application. Our custom machine knife capabilities include manufacturing several different types of industrial machine blades along with experience across a range of industries with diverse applications.

Below we highlight the different types of knives available for custom manufacturing at York Saw & Knife, as well as the variety of industries we serve.

Types of Knives

As an OEM, you need a knife producer with precision manufacturing abilities to produce specific knife types suitable for your cutting process. You need innovative styles of knives that are practical and productive for specific cutting scenarios and material types.

Below are some of the styles and types of knives we can produce with custom specifications for OEMs:

  • Circular knives: Circular knives, also known as slitter knives, are rotary machine blades used in various applications in cutting, slitting and scoring. York Saw & Knife can produce your circular knives in a variety of custom configurations. We can also supply your OEM with replacement slitter knives.
  • Cutoff knives: Cutoff knives are used by OEMs in processing and converting applications. They can be customized in either a chop- or swing-style version and can be produced in a range of high-quality and long-lasting materials. OEMs can customize their cutoff knife tooth geometry for vari-depth and hi-low cutoff knives.
  • Straight knives: OEMs looking for cost-effective stock straight knives can turn to York Saw & Knife for custom beveled straight knives. Our straight knives are customized to strike an ideal balance between hardness and strength, making them durable and long-lasting cutting solutions. York Saw & Knife has the technology and precision manufacturing techniques to produce superior straight knives for OEMs.
  • Tray knives: Tray knives, or formed knives, can be built to an OEM’s custom specification. If you need a custom cutting solution for tray forming and converting applications, choose tray knives from York Saw & Knife. Have your custom tray knives designed in any size, configuration or tooth geometry to meet your needs.
  • Slitter knives: Slitter knives allow OEMs to make precise slits in a range of materials from plastics to textiles. If you need a slitting knife for your application, choose York Saw & Knife custom machine industrial knife services. Regardless of your machine model or whether you need straight or rotary slitter blades, our engineers can customize the solution for you.
  • Guillotine knives: High-quality guillotine knives for swing-style cutting operations allow OEMs to get the performance they need. York Saw & Knife produces custom guillotine blades in a variety of tooth profiles and blade materials. Develop your ideal guillotine knife solution with the York Saw & Knife design team.
  • Perforating knives: Perforating knives for industrial machines are used to make a series of precise slots in the material. To design and select the best perforating knife for your OEM, choose York Saw & Knife. Our team of engineers will establish the best cut-and-tie measurement to ensure your perforations are precise, consistent and effective for your given application and material.

View all industrial machine knives that are customizable to any OEM application or specification.

Industries We Serve

OEMs need high-quality and effective tools to complete their manufacturing processes at scale. With the right tools for the job, OEMs can improve efficiency, increase productivity, optimize bottom lines and minimize overhead costs. An essential tool OEMs need to achieve these goals is their supply of durable and practical industrial machine knives.

Industrial machine knives for OEMs must be customized to meet industry standards, application needs and proprietary processes. At York Saw & Knife, we have a wide portfolio of custom machine knife solutions we’ve designed and produced for OEMs across a range of market segments:

  • Metal: OEMs that rely on metals to manufacture their parts need effective knives designed for making clean cuts through metals. York Saw & Knife is highly experienced in producing custom straight, cutoff or circular industrial machine knives intended to work on various metals. Customize your knife to the hardness and strength that’s most effective for the type of metal your operation uses.
  • Converting: The converting industry relies on high-efficiency processes that cut materials into precise, repeatable lengths. For this reason, OEMs in the converting industry need high-quality knives that keep their strength and sharpness after repeated use, without dulling or chipping over time. York Saw & Knife works with OEMs in the converting industry to design and produce the perfect industrial machine knives with long lives for consistent results.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing operations of all varieties require a range of cutting solutions for various applications. From scoring to cutting to perforating, York Saw & Knife can produce suitable knives for your manufacturing processes. Trust the York Saw & Knife design team to customize industrial machine knives needed for every step of the manufacturing process, from preparing materials to finishing and packaging.
  • Packaging: OEMs in packaging need cost-effective and reliable blades that can stand up to repeated use without compromising their quality. At York Saw & Knife, we have experience designing and producing custom machine knives for various packaging operations, including knives that will cut through food packaging materials. Whether you need guillotine, cutoff, tray or circular knives, York Saw & Knife has the right machine knife style for you.
  • Paper: Paper cutting operations need high-performing knives capable of preparing corrugated cardboard, packaging materials and other paper products. Score, cut, perforate, crease and more with durable customized knives available at York Saw & Knife. Choose a customized blade design to meet your precise paper processing needs.
  • Plastic: Plastic cutting and converting operations need reliable industrial knives to cut, slice and trim. If your plastic cutting operation needs new or replacement blades for your industrial machines, choose York Saw & Knife for custom blades for your application. Choose from standard or custom cutoff, circular, straight or tray knives to meet your plastic cutting needs.
  • Rubber: OEMs handing bulk rubber products need tough and durable rubber cutting industrial knives. Rubber cutting knives are designed to cut through this thick material with precision and strength to get a clean slice. Circular or slitter knives can be designed to custom specifications for rubber cutting operations. Choose York Saw & Knife for the most effective and durable rubber cutting machine knife for your applications.
  • Textiles: OEMs dealing with textiles need high-performing knives. York Saw & Knife provides premium-quality industrial blades designed for fabrics, fibers and cloths suitable for textile cutting operations. No matter the stage of your textiles process, we have the machine knife solution you need.
  • Food processing: OEMs handling various food products need custom industrial machine knives intended to trim, slice or dice vegetablefruitseafoodmeatdairy and bakery products. Customize your knife to the precision and strength that’s most effective for the food products your operation processes. York Saw & Knife is highly experienced in producing circular, cutoff and straight knives ideal for food and meat processing machinery.

Why OEMs Turn to York Saw & Knife

When choosing a custom machine knife manufacturer, OEMs have specific criteria they look for when selecting the right partner for their needs. OEMs need knife manufacturers that produce blades to their specifications in the quantities their operations demand. A manufacturer also needs to be able to provide replacement blades so OEMs can maintain their productivity while making cost-effective decisions. The right manufacturer also has a broad range of experience working with various industries and applications.

OEMs turn to York Saw & Knife for their custom industrial machine knife needs because our team has earned a trusted name in blade manufacturing. From our design experience and industrial knife technology and processes to our customer service and custom offerings, York Saw & Knife has all the qualities OEMs look for in a blade manufacturer.

Below are some of the top reasons OEMs trust York Saw & Knife for custom machine knives.

In-House Design

York Saw & Knife is a full-service custom blade manufacturer. This label means that we have an in-house team of engineers that can take existing designs or build new custom designs to meet our customers’ needs. Whether you’re trying to replace a current blade configuration or you need a brand new knife design, our team of design engineers has the expertise and experience to produce a machine knife that meets your applications.

With years of experience across dozens of industries and applications, York Saw & Knife can recommend the best styles, configurations and materials for your OEM operations. Consult our team to learn more about how to get the most out of your machine knife buying experience.

Reverse-Engineering Blades Materials

In addition to producing custom blade designs, our experienced team of designers can also reverse-engineer the right blade for your operation based on an existing knife you want to replicate. Send us the blade you need to reproduce, and our team will implement our reverse-engineering process.

After performing a series of tests, our engineering team will determine knife specifications like:

  • Tooth geometry or angles for serrated edges
  • Rockwell hardness of the material
  • Exact dimensions of the blade, including thickness and pinhole sizes

Based on these findings, the design team will compile a complete blueprint of the blade’s dimensions and the metal’s attributes so we can recreate the tools that worst best for you.

Within our reverse-engineering service, we can also offer free test cutting. If you have a knife you want to test, send it to us. We’ll test it and give you our recommendations to improve performance.

Precision Blade Manufacturing

York Saw & Knife uses advanced industrial knife technology, including laser cutting processes. Laser cutting is a leading method to produce precision products, including industrial blades. Laser cutting equipment uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through materials, carving the knife to your exact specifications while guided by computerized software.

The laser cutting process produces a blade that follows the original design and showcases the precision of the process. Because laser cutting is highly accurate, it creates effective blades with smooth edges.

Quality Assurance

York Saw & Knife prioritizes quality assurance at every step. From the initial design step to the laser cutting technology, our processes ensure the highest-quality product possible. In addition to the manufacturing process, York Saw & Knife also verifies our products’ quality through a final manual quality control check.

Every blade we produce undergoes a final visual inspection to check for flaws. The issues our quality control team looks for may be obvious or subtle, which is why this last step in the process is so vital to our manufacturing procedures. If our quality control team notices an item with a flaw, they pull the imperfect blade from distribution and re-work it until it’s achieved perfection. If it cannot be re-worked, we discard it.

Our quality control standards are based on over 100 years of blade manufacturing experience, which assures our customers that they’ll receive the best-quality blade possible.

Order Flexibility

At York Saw & Knife, we’re happy to offer our customers flexibility that meets their operational and budgetary needs. Whether you need one blade or a dozen, we can accommodate the number of custom knives you need.

We require no minimum purchase quantity or dollar amount to place an order. This freedom allows smaller companies and new customers to order a single custom knife to ensure it’s the right one before ordering more. We also offer replacement blades that you can order at any time to meet your operational needs. We can offer volume discounts for operations requiring bulk knives based on larger orders for custom knives.

American-Made Blades

Finally, our all-American manufacturing guarantee is one of the most significant reasons our OEM customers choose York Saw & Knife. When you choose York Saw & Knife as your custom blade manufacturer, you’re sure to get a high-quality product that we made in the USA. We’re confident that our industrial machine knives for OEMs meet the highest design and material standards.

As America’s leading manufacturer of precision machine knives, York Saw & Knife is proud to provide the best-quality custom blades designed to support businesses in the United States.

Choose York Saw & Knife for Custom OEM Blades

For all your custom OEM machine knife needs, choose York Saw & Knife. Our company has been manufacturing precision knives and blades, refining our quality processes and advancing our technology since 1906. Based in York, PA, York Saw & Knife is strategically positioned to serve customers worldwide, regardless of their custom blade needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our custom blade manufacturing process and industrial knife technology can work with OEMs like your company. Call us at 717-276-0338 or contact us online. You can also request a free quote by sending us details about your cutting needs and design requirements.