What Is The Arbor of a Saw Blade?

Numerous industries rely on the precision and stability of a miter saw to complete cuts through a variety of substrates, most notably wood. A circular saw blade uses a feature called the arbor for appropriate fitting and security. It’s crucial to know your saw’s arbor requirements, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand the […]

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How is it Made? Band Saw Manufacturing

Ever wonder how we make our large band saw blades for sawmills? Here’s a quick overview on our manufacturing process! Utilizing Advanced Band Saw Manufacturing Processes for Superior Results We were the first to introduce water jet cutting to produce the tooth geometry on band saws. Tooth geometry is cut into the band saw blade […]

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History of the Circular Saw

Today we’d like to pay some well-earned honor to one of the most important inventions in our industry (particularly the lumber-processing part of it): the circular saw. Like many products of the industrial revolution, the history of the circular saw is a story founded on legend as much as fact — both of which are equally as interesting. What […]

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